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I have just returned from my WRAG interview and I was completely taken aback when Kim, the interviewer, told me she was shocked that I hadn't been put down for a telephone interview. She said it is ridiculous that I should be made to attend in person. I said I have thought I should be in the support group but she said not to be too bothered about which group I'm in as she certainly wasn't going to suggest I look for a job....that's just not going to happen....were her exact words!!! Well, I almost fell off the chair!! I think for once in my life I was struck dumb!!!! At last someone sees and agrees with how I feel and what my situation is!! A lovely early Christmas present for me I think!!!!

Have a happy, peaceful and wonderful Christmas everyone....thank you all for the wonderful help, advice, and fun you've all given me this year. Here's looking forward to the next!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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So happy for you sue. You can relax now and and look forward to Christmas now that that is not hanging over your head. So have a happy and peaceful Christmas, and prosperity in 2014.

Love GJ. xxx


Aww that's great, so nice to have something like that happen, will take a lot of pressure off you I'm sure. Have a great Christmas! x


I had the same from the interviewer when i was in the WRAG group, she was lovely and rang every 3 months or so. There are some nice ones occasionally.


At last some one sees still waiting for my assessment outcome forPIP..been 8weeks now..i wont lose hope. . Merry Xmas to all.santa definetly given you early gift..goid luck


As some of you know I had a nightmare getting ESA and had major problems with the DWP getting their facts wrong. to add to this saga my wife got a letter stating that she had to attend a work focus meeting because I was On ESA. I also got a letter stating that this is what they were going to do and a form for me to sign to allow them if I agreed to talk to her about my benefit?

My wife called them to explain that she has a job and is working 19 hours a week! To be told that "she has to go or I will lose my benefit and they will look into what else can be done to enhance her work experience"

The time come yesterday and I went with her, with a letter from work to explain that these hours are all she can get as the council have an overtime ban and as my unpaid carer for doctors hospital appointments etc. it does suit our requirements. As soon as we sat down my wife mentioned that this is the hours from her workplace to be told "so why are you here?" Once more no one listens to what is told to them on the phone or put on the forms. DWP claim my wife works more than 100 hours a month but on my calculator even on a 5 week month it is under 100 hours. However it looks like when it suits them they forget that she even works? I really do feel I am on a hit list


How lovely. Maybe you could get that in writing though? I am sure she would not mind you asking. Happy Christmas.


That's good news Sue well done! Happy Christmas

moonstone x


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