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Vacuum Cleaner advice


I.m looking for one that is both lightweight and effective. Have tried electronic sweepers but not really that effective. I tried out a Dyson one in shop, a stick one, but it was too heavy at 4 pounds or kilos, whatever it was because the weight was all at the top. I didn't want to have to install a dock either. It,s the carrying and lifting that,s a strain. Am stuck in bed with virus and dust getting worse.


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Hi Kirby.

Many years ago I got an Orek Hoover for my mum, they're really light. You do need a separate hand held one for the stairs though, they're light also. When I got them they came together.

Hope this helps, don't worry about the dust! I don't. Not all the time anyway.

Is xx

Kirby in reply to suffolklass

Thanks Suffolklass, I will look that up online. I,m not worrying too much about the dust, I,m feeling too ill but I know it,ll be waiting for me when I get rid of this bug. XX

hamble99b in reply to Kirby

qvc sell them and you can try them for 30 days. pm me for the address.

Kirby in reply to hamble99b

Thanks Sandra. I will PM you if I have no luck online. X

suffolklass in reply to Kirby

You could have a look on the Which website and look at their reviews of the hoovers. For £1 you can get access to the full reviews for 3 months, I think.

Kirby in reply to suffolklass

Thanks. That's very helpful too. xx

Hello Kirby

Like you I was having trouble with my hoover being to heavy for me now so my husband bought me a

Duronic [Black] VC600/B Bagless Upright Handheld Stick Vac Vacuum Cleaner - includes Floor Head & Crevice Tool - Convert from Upright to Hand Held in Seconds!

He bought it from Amazon I think it was about £25.00, I love it, it's a great little hoover very lightweight and also converts to a hand held.

Just thought this info might be useful to you, have a look and let me know how you go.

Best regards Jay x

Kirby in reply to jayjay57

Hi Jayjay

So many thanks for that kind recommendation. I will look it up on Amazon. There's nothing like something that's personally recommended!

Best wishes

Kirby x

jayjay57 in reply to Kirby

Hi Kirby, your welcome it's nice to help fellow fibromates if one can xx

Thanks xx

I would recommend the dyson v8 Its powerful, yet portable

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