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Vacuum Cleaner advice

I.m looking for one that is both lightweight and effective. Have tried electronic sweepers but not really that effective. I tried out a Dyson one in shop, a stick one, but it was too heavy at 4 pounds or kilos, whatever it was because the weight was all at the top. I didn't want to have to install a dock either. It,s the carrying and lifting that,s a strain. Am stuck in bed with virus and dust getting worse.


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Hi Kirby.

Many years ago I got an Orek Hoover for my mum, they're really light. You do need a separate hand held one for the stairs though, they're light also. When I got them they came together.

Hope this helps, don't worry about the dust! I don't. Not all the time anyway.

Is xx


Thanks Suffolklass, I will look that up online. I,m not worrying too much about the dust, I,m feeling too ill but I know it,ll be waiting for me when I get rid of this bug. XX


qvc sell them and you can try them for 30 days. pm me for the address.


Thanks Sandra. I will PM you if I have no luck online. X


You could have a look on the Which website and look at their reviews of the hoovers. For £1 you can get access to the full reviews for 3 months, I think.


Thanks. That's very helpful too. xx


Hello Kirby

Like you I was having trouble with my hoover being to heavy for me now so my husband bought me a

Duronic [Black] VC600/B Bagless Upright Handheld Stick Vac Vacuum Cleaner - includes Floor Head & Crevice Tool - Convert from Upright to Hand Held in Seconds!

He bought it from Amazon I think it was about £25.00, I love it, it's a great little hoover very lightweight and also converts to a hand held.

Just thought this info might be useful to you, have a look and let me know how you go.

Best regards Jay x


Hi Jayjay

So many thanks for that kind recommendation. I will look it up on Amazon. There's nothing like something that's personally recommended!

Best wishes

Kirby x


Hi Kirby, your welcome it's nice to help fellow fibromates if one can xx


Thanks xx


I would recommend the dyson v8 Its powerful, yet portable


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