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Report finds fibromyalgia "Not all in the mind"!!!!!


Greetings all,

Ever been told "it's all in your mind", "you just need to pull yourself through it" etc,

the above report taken from this months UKFibromyalgia newsletter details report on the pathology of fibromyalgia. It's not too long and the comments are very interesting. Enjoy.

Blessed love

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Thank you,I shall have a read when my mind is a bit less foggy and tired.I was recently told this by my g.p so maybe I can take it to her and show her x


I hope it helps. I'm fed up hearing it fom people too. Blessed love


Interesting report. My rheumatologist said I needed better sleep to help with the fibro pain so she was spot on. Awaiting a prescription of Imipramine to help with this issue. Fingers crossed !! xx


Glad you found it useful. Blessed love


Thank you for this, I can't wait for more research to be done and conclusive testing set up for us. I went to the doctors this morning to be signed off and had the added battle of explaining fibro to the young GP who old me they don't study it. That its too new. I felt like I had to justify my pain and was seeking his validation. It's fudging annoying. I would swear, but this is a polite forum!!

I came away feeling defensive and hurt but have to keep reminding myself that other people's ignorance is not my problem. Thank you for putting this up, it's made me feel better! Xoxo


No problem Zosie. I'm glad I've been able to help you. It's taken a long time for those around me to recognise my fibro and all it entails. I no longer see my GP except for med certs as I can't take their attitudes and all they want to do is push meds down me like smarties. I'm allergic to many and won't take any. I also don't believe in chemical meds for me, they may help others. I try to live as naturally as possible.

My partner is doing a degree herbal medicine and he's taken this report as a start for researching herbal remedies for fibro. Will continue to report any findings.

Take care and many blessings


That would be very helpful and kind of you to share. Luckily my regular GP is very understanding as is my family. Family and partner support is such a big help. I'm so happy to hear your partner is actively trying to help you and others to get better xoxo


Very interesting thanks for sharingx


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