Definitive Cause of Fibro?

Hello everybody, I just received a FB post from a friend re the following article which states they have now found the cause of fibro. Have they? Who knows but I'm seeing my GP and the Rheumy next week so a printed copy of this article is going with me for a) confirmation and b) rethink about future treatment. For what it's worth, see what you think: communities.washingtontimes... :-)

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  • Hi. I have read it. It will be interesting to hear what your GP and Rheumy will say about it.

    Do let us know and thank you

    Hugs xx

  • You bet I will! Seriously hope I'll have some good and uplifting news for everyone. I think we could all do with some. :-)

  • Ty so much it makes so much sense I have worked outside all my earlier life with horses and winters were so cold my bones would shudder honest. so interesting and ty fibro friend

  • Happy to be able to offer some hope. Let's all keep our fingers crossed this is the way forward! :-)

  • I wouldn't be at all surprised if there are several causes of fibromyalgia and fibro-type diseases, and this is one cause, which is good, but lets hope that they continue with the research and find all of the problems.

  • Oh If Only!!!!!

  • Very interesting,and it makes much sense to me :)

  • Me too! It seems to zero in on exactly what I'm experiencing. Time will tell. :-)

  • I was told that stress could cause it, along with trauma?

  • I, too, was told that this can play a major part although how it links up to the latest findings, I don't know. Something else for me to ask the Rheumy! Hopefully, she'll be able to clarify this somewhat. If so, obviously I'll share any info.

  • Well I think that there is something to seriously think about with this report. I was told I had Fibro 4yrs ago but had symptoms long before. I lived in Spain and I now believe because of the climate maybe it did not show up as much as back in this country. Will be most interesting to find out what they think about this here, I cannot wait for your next comment. This is my first time on here but I do read most comments. I have been tested for under-active thyroid over the last 15 years but always comes back negative. I have read several reports of this and would love to know if this could be associated with Fibro also.

  • I'm seeing my GP Thursday and the Rheumy Friday so will hopefully have a few comments to share. :-)

  • Cannot wait, the best of luck with both appointments

  • Here is hoping, if they think they know why we all suffer with this horrible condition..............a cure or very effective treatment is just around the corner!!

    Thank you so much for putting tis link on, as generally feel very powerless with fibro, I always think, knowledge is power. Fingers crossed they will find how to help us all.

    Gentle hugs,


  • Thanks Lizzyear! I feel the same. Feeling more positive and optimistic than I have for ages. :-)

  • Thanks Yorkshiregirlie, like others I think this report is on the right track, as my symptoms started 6 wks after an op for carpel tunnel syndrome (damage to nerves/capiliaries?). Also temperature is a big factor, I had virtually no symptoms during the hot summer weather. Like other fibro-mites I get pain/stiffness/fatigue after over exertion or stress, so the lactic acid build-up idea sounds right. Quick tip: I've been taking 1 x Magnesium 375 mg and 1 x Vit D3 (1000iu) a day for a few weeks now. It might be a coincidence as we are having a mild autumn, but I have had more energy and am less achey. Look forward to hearing the outcome of your appt. Fingers crossed and soft hugs, all! Jools56 x

  • How nice to be told its not all in the mind!

  • I'm lucky in that I have a super GP who listens, is open minded AND intelligent. Result!

  • hi just read that article.i just sent him a question, i asked is that why my blood pressure drops when standing? i understand where he is coming from.interesting theories. thankyou

  • Pleasure. :-)

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