Completely sick of my life!!! :'(

Went to the job centre on Monday to sign on, a lady turned round to me and say I don't think your looking for work, I said I am and burst into tears and asked if can I change admin to something else, she asked why I said as my skills aren't as fresh as they were back in 2007 and the Microsoft office has changed now. She suggested a freshers course I agreed but asked for an interpreter there so I can understand what is being said, I got asked why I need one I explained I am hard of hearing, so she went off to the Disability Employment Advisor and came back and said I need one.

My boss from where I do my volunteering work contacted them and told them how I came to them upset and distorted and that they had no right refusing me an interpreter. So for every meeting I have at the job centre I will have an interpreter.

Only problem is I have no money until Tuesday which is my DLA, and I need to put my electric on.

And I'm ill this stress has caused a flare up, back pain, lack of sleep, migraines :'(


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  • Oh susan, that is disgraceful what was said to you! Big, Gentle, hugs to you. I just wish I could do more to help you. I hope that you find something to cheer you after all this stress. I know myself how those job's worths at job centres can be about people looking for work - it's unprofessional most of the time, to say the least!

    I'm sure someone will be on here soon with practical advice, but in the meantime, I'm sending you positive thoughts & hugs.

    Good Luck,

    Julie xxx

  • Thanks xx

  • These people have no idea have they, so sorry you had to experience this. have they stopped your money? you should enquire about a hardship payment, if you phone the DWP they will advise what to do, I sure you may not want to speak to them after what happened but its worth a try.

    Hope it works out for you. gentle hugs. maz x

  • Yeah but I have to wait for a letter to come through the post, still waiting. I feel so down still in bed haven't left my flat since Tuesday.

    Funny there quick to stop my money but incredibly slow to send a letter out.

    My support worker is coming over to sort it out thanks, I'm going to get him to ring the job centre to see what is happening.

    Will keep u up to date xx

  • Good news about your support worker. Sure it'll work out okay for you.


    Julie xxx

  • He is going to apply for a hardship payment which I have to pay back :( £50 not going to go far :(

  • Gentle hugs.

  • Sending big gentle fluffy chocolate hugs xx

  • Hi Susan

    I hope you can get this sorted out. Sending you hugs.

    Is xx

  • Hi Susan

    Your post really made me sad.

    This country is a disgrace to live in.

    How are you getting on now?

    Hugs x

  • Hi I'm feeling less depressed today, only problem I'm having is they haven't made their minds up so I can't even apply for a hardship fund, you can only get a hardship fund if you have been sanctioned and they haven't desided that yet. So it's a good thing I get my DLA on Tuesday. X

  • Susan, next time you go to the Jobcentre ask to be seen by the Disability Employment Adviser, you should be on their caseload, you can tell them all about your health problems and they will adjust your job search needs and they will also have special courses that you can do, and other people to help you. I was a personal adviser in the Jobcentre, I would have referred you to the DEA not upset you, don't take no for an answer, if you can ring up and make an appt before you sign on again. x

  • Hi my boss from action on hearing loss, has told me that when I get an appointment to see him to tell her as she wants to come to the appointment, she is also looking at ESA for me, only thing is I need to get a sick note only problem is iv just changed gps.

  • Great idea to take someone with you for support, you are lucky to have him.

  • Susan, thank goodness you have someone on your side. Some of the staff in the Job Centres seem to see everyone that comes through the door as a nuisance, thankfully they are not all like that though. My daughter is a single parent, through no fault of her own, and often gets a hard time at job centre appintments apart from when she sees the lady who is her advisor and who understands her situation. I wish some of our highly paid politicians could experience similar situations, things would be very different then I expect.

    Glad to see you are feeling a bit better but when you are trying hard to get on with life against unseen difficulties it can be very frustrating.

  • Yeah it is very frustrating when your trying to get people to understand things. Especially FMA.

    I have noticed with me losing weight that my pains in my legs seem to b getting worse. Does anyone who doesn't have problems with their weight still suffer with pains? Xx

  • Hi Susan, I've no weight problems, and there are times that the tops of my legs are so sore and I feel I just can't walk another step.

    I hope you get sorted out at the job centre and your money comes through quickly. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way. xx :-) :-)

  • Thanks :) x

  • I didn't even know that there were such things? Guess I missed something while I've been stagnating in my cave (agoraphobic) these last 4 yrs! Thx for the info one and all gum this is such a kind & informative place to dwell ...x ann

  • Yeah, there used to be a crisis load you could get but they have stopped that now, my friend/boss is looking at me applying for ESA, u want to work but the bloody FMA is preventing me from doing so :(


  • It does - I ended up having to work part-time in a job I loved & felt I could make a difference with but eventually even that had to come to an end (4 yrs ago). The system is now appalling which finally drove me into this state. Since finding this site recently my life has improved & I'm determined to get out of this destructive cycle. How ? I have no idea but where there's a will there's a way. The one thing I have realised tho' is with fm/cfs - you have to take it slowly & even then you can end up back at the beginning !!!! I think most DWP staff are just grateful of having work/pay but they do get a lot of what I call 'power hungry people' working for them. These people have there own probs but unfortunately they make them ours. X Wishing you success in your ESA claim

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