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A suitcase full of Meds!!!!

Hi, just come back from a fab fortnight in Fuerteventura, the weather was good my Fibro even better, even managed my exercises in the pool plus some walking, still took the same amount of tablets except my Methotrexate cos I wasn't going to limit myself to 4 alcoholic drinks in a fortnight. However, lovely as the holiday was, I had a complete toiletry bag in my hand luggage with just my meds in!!!! It was like a walking chemists shop!!!! Heaven knows what the maid thought when she came in to do the room. It was just as well Ryanair gives you a 10 kilo handluggage allowance, most of it was drugs.

The ggreat thing about an adults only hotel is that most people were well over 40 and some double that, most of us had something wrong with us, so you didn't feel like a freak cos there was almost certainly someone else who was as creaky and painful as me. No nasty comments when I took a partly filled kiddies rubber ring into the smaller pool to do my exercises and no sniggers from kids. A lot of us had tablets at breakfast and we all laughed about it.

I found my fibro was so much better in a low humidity even tho I was getting probably a lot more exercise than my struggling around at home. So home I came on tuesday night, bouncing (well you know) along only to get a phone call to say a close relative had died in Scotland and so here I am off on the 7am flight today (friday) I have run around as best I can trying to get everything up to date so am exhausted and in sheer and utter pain, with the prospect of lugging my suitcase round airports and loads more travel having put a real dampener on how good I felt when I had landed after my holiday. I have no idea how long I will be gone as I have an elderly stepmum to console over the loss of her elder sister(although it was expected), and stepmum is not feeling too well at the moment even before all this happened. So out comes the suitcase, hair to docs for a new prescription of everything and here we go another suitcase of meds to lug around again. I expect to be gone for a minimum of two weeks whilst I look after my lovely stepmum, cooking for england to stock up her freezer for when she's not able to get about but the worst thing is (and I am so vain) I have a lovely tan and its so cold up there that not only will no one see my tan but it will have faded by the time I get back. Oh well, theres always fake I suppose!

So I shall miss reading everyones posts and questions but will think about you all as the damp weather plays havoc with the fibro and arthritis and pray you are all warm, happy and as painfree as possible. I look forward to collapsing into a quivering heap on my return and getting stuck into all the news.

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like you I keep going back to Lanzarote within 4 hrs of landing my pain is eased allowing me a short period in the year to almost be normal - think it should be prescribed!!!


Hi there, well due to all the pain and suffering I've had for the past few years we have decided to move, in the next few weeks we'll be flying out to tenerife, I just can't wait, the lovely weather, swimming pool, relaxed lifestyle, what more can a woman need? My hubby is excited as I am, probably coz I won't be moaning as much.

The nice weather we've had here in the uk for the past couple of months has done me the world of good, so hopefully once we get settled in Tenerife I'll be running around like a child again, we maybe not that fit, but you know what I mean.

I'll update on how things go.

Best wishes to you all. Xx


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