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New look to website

Hi all its been quite a while since I was last on here logged in today to find this all singing all dancing new fangeled look to the site. Im not great with technology so It will prob take me a while to figure it all out (the twin curse of fibrofog & technophobia lol) but I'm sure i'l get the hang of it eventually. Hope everyone is having a low pain low stress kinda day and doing something nice.

Have a gud one x

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The site does look really good now it's all sorted

It's my son's 19th Birthday today. So getting things sorted for this evening for him. He's having the house to himself. He's been round and spoken to the neighbours to forewarn them and said for them tolet him know if they've too loud. Me and OH won't be that far away.

Really pleasedd as I managed to get myself a nice walking stick yesterday. It's silver with small metallic green ivy leaves. Funny the things I get excited about.

Gentle sunny hugs to all.

Becky. Xx

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Happy birthday to your son hopefully he will have a gr8 evening without disturbing the neighbours too much lol. Happy walking with your new walking stick - it sounds fabulously stylish btw :-) x


Thanks for that. Got back to find the house in one piece, he's since tidied up and now gone off to work.

Becky xx


Welcome Dixies daughter you have not been about for quite a while - hope you are ok and not suffering the heat too bad. The site is really sharp I think it takes a little bit to get used to it but we are here to help if you get stuck as always.

Smiles and hugs xgins


Hi Gins yeah it has been a while since I was last here and would ya look at the place, its gone all modern & trendy lol hopefully though it still has the same nice people giving each other support & advice :-) x


It's taking me a bit of time to get used to all this 'newness'! But it's great to see you all back here!! :-))


Good to see you Sue :) xgins


Thanks gins!! Lovely to see you all back here!! XX


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