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Does anyone have to use a Rollator (walker) or have someone push you around in a wheelchair.? I have to do both and can only stand or walk for a few minutes. The pain in my back and hips gets worse and worse until I have to sit down. I've had x-rays and I have a collapsed vertibrae but it's not bad enough to affect mobility. I have been diagnosed with fibro so I'm putting it down to that.

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Hi Iluccatsuk,

Sounds like you are not very mobile because of your back/hips many of us are in exactly the same situation. I have a scooter or I am pushed around when it is bad. Your vertebrae is the direct problem the fibro also makes all the area around hurt so it is hand in hand. I hope you remain positive and can raise a smile most important :) xgins


Yes I was put on a walker by the hospital, I have awful pain in my hips and pelvis and various other problems, not all of them connected to fibro. I also use a wheelchair but not often as I don't have care. It's "normal" for us. x


If you're claiming DLA or PIP and have the higher mobility component, you can use that under Motability for a Scooter, or whatever is suitable for you. Could be worth looking at. I love mine,stranded without it! Tulip xx


I also have a scooter, well two actually, a super comfy one for going round my village and a portable one for out shopping etc. I get terrible pain in my back, hips and feet, plus chronic fatigue. I LOVE my scooter(s), it's given my freedom back!! Much better than a wheelchair as you have control of where, when and how fast. I can't stand still for more than an out a minute max, otherwise my feet are soooooo painful. Can't recommend it enough, it gives ou your life back! Good luck.



I do have a scooter but I can't lift it into my car as it's too heavy for me even though it's portable. So I have my wheelchair and walker in my car and my lovely daughter pushes me round the shops if I cannot walk for the pain. Sorry to hear that many of you have the same problem. This fibro is terrible but I do have a good GP who recognises it. love and hugs to you all.



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