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More trouble with my hands

Hi all Well went to the specialist yesterday, and unfortuneatly I am going to have to have another op in July on the index finger knuckle on my left hand, where an inplant will be put in, [very similar op to the right hand wrist knuckle I had done 5 rs ago], which was successful. These ops, are very rare, because they are due to a rare OA condition, however, thank God they can be done. I`m not looking forward to it, because it takes a long time to recuperate from, and you are in plaster for a long time, but hey, it gets rid of the pain, and if it is not done, you could lose the use of your hand , so, one doesn`t have a choice really, this will be the 3rd one for me. I f there is anyone out there [ and I know there will be] who has this condition, It would be lovely to hear from you, because this is not the run of the mill op, and it`s helpful to hear from other people in the same condition. I will let you know how it all goes. love to you all, what would I do without you, you are a real lifeline, so, THANKYOU

Lyndia x

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Hi Lindia,

Best of luck with your op. - I expect I shall be joining the ranks for hand surgery before too long, as I have RA, and it affects my wrists and knuckles quite badly.

I shall be glad to hear how you get on - I used to help with hand surgery many years ago when I was a theatre sister, but I'm sure things are far more sophisticated these days!

Take care :)

Moffy x


Hi Lyndia, hope things go well. You dont say what the problem is. I'm having horrible problems with my right hand more so than my left. I'm waiting for an urgent apptment, as well as change of consultant who apparently is specialist rheumatology as well as FM. I was happy with the other one, but my gp (on holiday) thinks this one might be more useful in my case.

Tempted to say 'fingers crossed', but a bit dated as well as unfunny in your case! Tulip xx


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