Email to Fibroaction

Really odd question to ask on here but will try anyway. Does anyone know if there is a special email address for Fibroaction? My partner sent an email few weeks ago to see if Fibroaction would be happy for him to put a link of his website for me to donate money to and so we can do some fund raising as Fibroaction have been such a god send but havent heard anything back. Any idea what I can do? Sorry to ask such a stupid question on here

Kirsty :)

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  • for people to donate to not me*

    hands aren't good today

  • If you send an email to that should take you through to Emma at FA and if you ask her in an email you should get a reply.....

    VG x

  • Ps I,ll leave her a message in volunteers chat so she looks out for it or answers on here

    VG x

  • Thank you :) much appreciated. Cant thank people like you and everyone else on here for all the help and support, you are all fab! Kirsty x

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