Thyroid problems

i really think I have an under active thyroid, but blood tests always come back negative. My hair is thinning and feels coarse, my nails flake and I seem to have fatigue on top of fatigue, if that makes sense. I know that if I'm borderline these tests won't show anything, but that there are other tests that can be done. Has anyone ever asked their GP for the tests and had them done? I've been a bit reluctant to go and see my GP about it as he'll probably say it's just fibro.

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  • Hi I am sure your doc willdo . A thyroid checkfor you. It could be not being cheeky. wheelhouse age. That could be . Twenties thirties . Fifths . Fifties . What ever. Could be your diet could be fibrous. Go get it checked then . You will . Know God , sure. Xgins

  • Hello - I live in Australia and yes, the basic test for Thyroid can often look normal. You are right that there are other more conclusive tests. Here, those tests need to be done by an Endocrinologist. I have Hashimotos (under-active Thyroid) and although I take Thyroxine, I still have symptoms and my blood test looks normal. Do you have any family history of Thyroid disease? I hope you get an answer soon.

    Warm regards, Nic

  • Also get him to check out yr iron levels as your symptoms sound similar to iron deficiency.

  • Hi Deefer l really think it would help you if you joined the Thyroid uk health unlocked forum.L belong to this as this was my first diagnoses ..before lupus SLE fibro Sjogrens and Hughes this amazing forum you will find people to help and advise you ..there are so many undiagnosed people suffering fom hypothyroidism's all in the blood tests the GP says ..but we are not all the same ..l would certainly ask your GP for blood tests TSH ( thyroid stimulating hormone) and anti TPO (anti thyroid antibodies) can have a normal TSH but a really high TPO which how's that sooner or later the thyoid will crash as well .in other country's the treat when the TPO is high ..not England unless you go private.!

    There are so many people who have Been told they are borderline or just ok...WHEN they are certainly not..l was told by Prof decruz a the lupus centre at St Thomas' that my Fibro pain would improve when l had got the thyroid meds sorted...and he was correct. i now take T3 not the normal levothyroxine ..Always ask for a print out of your blood tests to are able o get them.looking back over twenty years of blood tests l was able to access .it became apparent that l was hypothyroid ( Hashimotos) for at least 15 of these years and was given ME/CFS label instead of Hashimotos...( this is when your body attacks the thyroid ..autoimmune thyoiditis). In England the ref range is different from those in Europe and America. So if l had lived in America l would have been diagnosed and getting treatment 20years ago...there are many ways to see if its your thyroid..Dr Barry Durrant Peatfield has a brilliant book explains how the thyroid works and what you can do to see if it is all going wrong..temperature and blood pressure were my first signs years ago! Anyway please walk down the thyroid road..push doors . I became extremely ill and it really upsets the apple cart of our hormones and body if left untreated.x l wish you well very soon .donna

  • Ps if you go to there is lots of information to read and details of Labs who do blood tests ..without going to your GP if you really can't face them..hat way if the tests one back positive your armed with info a your Drs visit and they then have to take notice.! Good luck .

  • strange as it sound have the last third of your eyebrows almost dissappeared, this is a sure sign of an underactive thyroid. love always lia144 xxx

  • Thanks guys. Lia, I've heard about the eyebrow thing before and mine do look a little thin at the ends. I'm going to make an appointment with my gp and push it. I don't want to get fobbed off again. The 'it's you fibro ' diagnosis is wearing a bit thin now.

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