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Dealing with pregnancy and Fm

I have been suffering with FM for around 3 years I try to continue with life like a normal person. I am getting married next year and my partner is desperate to start a family. has anyone gone for pregnancy with FM and have any advice to give on the subject as I understand I have to stop all medications. I have concerns about my energy levels for playing with my children as well.

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Hi there I had fibro before I got pregnant .....during pregnancy I felt great slept well didn't take any medications and was fine ... Unfortunately after the birth I got postnatal depression and my fibro symptoms came back But the anti depressants I got for the postnatal depression worked for my fibro as well ... So the postnatal depression cleared up pretty quickly... And I was left with my fibro... Yes we have had to make adaptations, but I have never regretted having my son ... And the things I couldn't do .. Someone else always stepped in and did it and my son had the benefit of me always being at home for do quieter things and my OH did the more physical things ...

Good luck with your wedding and if you do decide to have children don't worry children are very adaptable and as long as they know they are loved and wanted... You won't go wrong :)

VG x


Hi there,the best advice I can give you is the opposite to everything I did or was when I became pregnant with fm.Hence,I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I went through when I was pregnant.Plan your pregnancy,take into account how healthy you are and whether your fm is under control.You don't have to come off all your meds,I only had to stop one and I reduced my tramodol and dosulepin to smaller doses..However if you want to breast feed you might have to completely stop some.Make sure you will have plenty of support after the birth and even while you are pregnant.Pregnancy is hard for some women and can be with fm as well.Everyone is different though,I found the worst bit was the first 3 months and the last couple of months.However,the middle part was lovely as I had no symptoms,it was as if I didn't even have fm.Depending on how bad you fm is,you may have to think about the practicalities after the birth such as how you will manage to care for the baby.Because I have severe fm I had to look into adaptations and equipment to help me look after the baby.It is worth it taking the time to do a bit of research and planning as to what difficulties or help you may need.I had an aweful time when I was in the hospital as I just presumed that the staff knew what fm was and that they would give me adequate pain relief which they didn't.So it is vital that you choose a good hospital and that you explain you condition and the difficulties you have.Please don't worry about your energy levels and not being able to play with your kids much as my 4 year old son has only ever know me how Iam and they do adapt.But it is vital that you don't force yourself to do activities out of guilt as I do as you will only end up making yourself worse.My son used to come in bed with me on bad days and bring some toys to my bed and play with them next to me.Regarding energy levels,it is just vital that you take care of yourself and do not neglect yourself or else you can not be the best parent you possibly can.Try to eat healthy,take some nutritional supplements,get lots of rest breaks,and manage your stress levels.Feel free to contact me if you want to chat any more about pregnancy and fm.If you contact u.k fibromyalgia they have a booklet on fibromyalgia and there is a section on pregnancy which might be a good starting place,good luck x


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