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Could you help Pain Concern improve pain management in primary care?

Lyndsay posted this on the FibroAction blog, hope its ok to re-post it here.

Copied from the Pain Concern community

Posted by PainConcern321 5 days ago

"Have you had difficulties communicating with healthcare professionals, especially GPs and physiotherapists? Do you feel that your pain is understood? What would you like to see done differently in the management of your pain?

We are hoping to set up a project that will carry out research and propose solutions to improve pain management in primary care. Your experiences can help bring the issues alive for us and for grant funders.

Post here or get in touch with us at

We would love to hear from you!

Many thanks,

Pain Concern Team "

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Yes, if I go to my main GP, he says I'm on all meds he can give me, if I ask about help, the reply is self help on the internet!! The locom however has refered me back to rheumatology and sent me for x-rays she thinks I have OA Sewell as fibro. She' trasuted me that all gp's are not that bad afterall .




thank you jb,

could you send an email to


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