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2nd Work Ass. interview

Well, there I was folks, all stressed out cos of this flippin' interview this afternoon, but I've arrived home safe and well. Just the usual questions - have I thought about how I could be helped looking for work blah, blah, and would I be interested in some new idea about work placements? Answer - NO!! 'OK, we'll leave it this time but maybe next time you might think about it?' NO!!

BUT I did ask about this change from contribution based ESA to income based ESA. I had a letter saying mine changes in September. However, it appears I'm already receiving income based (????) The woman phoned up somewhere cos she couldn't access my details on her computer, funny how she already knew so much about me though, and apparently I'm receiving both!! Contribution based but topped up with income based! And I won't have to do anything when the contribution bit finishes! I was amazed actually! So a bit of good news for a change!!

Hope you're all keeping OK cos I love you all XXXXXX

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You should have said you already have a job!! claiming ESA is a full time occupation, isn't it. And there is nothing new about work placements, which is another name for slave labour. You said NO!! to a job that pays wages, why the hell would you want a job that pays no wages ffs? If that is the best they can do, tell them to stick their help where the sun does not shine.


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