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Rheumatology Appointment

I have been referred to Rheumatology for the second time (I was there two years ago when I was diagnosed with Fibro). I feel that I have more than just Fibro and that there are other underlying causes to all this pain .. So I pushed my doctor and I now have my Rheumatology appointment on Wednesday.

I am glad that I am going back to Rheumatology to get everything looked at again, however I don't know where to start!

Does anyone have any ideas of where to start? I was hoping to take a list of medications and a list of questions & I'm hoping to suggest an MRI as I have not had one yet.

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Hi Charlie, You sound most organised, a list of questions, a list of medications and any other problems that you feel mat have relevance. Your rheumatologist will I am sure send you for bloods to eliminate other things and possibley a x ray to do the same. The Fibro Action sight at the begining page is exclent for reading up on Fibro for warned is forarmed good luck xgins Do lets us know how it goes.!


Hi, like you I also have a second visit with the rheumatologist next month. I'm in too much pain for this to be just fibro. I am still working part time but I feel this will have to stop if I can't get the pain under control.

I am going to ask her to double check everything all over again as I've deteriated since I saw her in 2010. Now need a tri walker, sticks and strong meds but even these are not working now.

Good luck with your a Ppointment


Hi,i am going to suggest something but not sure if you have done this yet.My doctor got me in to see the fibro specialist who then got me in to the pain clinic.Not many people on here seem to have gone to the pain clinic or maybe I am missing it and they have already been.

Maybe you could ask your doctor about the pain clinic it helps to understand pain and ways to cope better with it.

good luckx


I have done the, 'Grand Tour', (Rheumatologist, GP, neurologist, GP, podiatrist, GP, cardiologist, GP, physiotherapist, GP, etc.), twice and with very little benefit. I have now been, 'parked', at the pain clinic.

I am afraid that the medical profession is full of very highly paid people who are simply utterly unable to find the cause of a crippling ailment, which affects millions of us.

Let's be clear, simply applying the label, 'Fibromyalgia', is not a diagnosis, it is simply a description, put into Latin to try and fool the rest of us into thinking they know what they are talking about.

It is exactly the same as if you notice a crack in your wall and call in a builder, (the GP), who says, "yes you have a crack in the wall, I don't know why, lets call in a civil engineer, (the, 'Specialist'). He comes along, examines the crack at length before declaring, "Yes you have a crack in the wall, (translated into Latin), but I have no idea why".

Utterly well meaning and utterly ineffectual.


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