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BBC program on pain


BBC1 Wales is showing a program on pain tonight at 10,35pm.

Here is a link to the program if you dont live in wales.

I am the lady in the pink top, in the interview on line, here is the link


hope you like it, but it is very short and doesnt really include my full interview about fibromyalgia, but it did raise awareness of the condition and pain, I have already been in undated by contacts via the BBC, and their website from people with fibromyalgia and living with pain.

need to raise more awareness of the condition (I have had this over 20 years so know a lot of the condition, and have good days and bad days, so happy to talk to anyone about it.

my website has further information on support networks in wales.


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sky 952


I saw this just in time to hit record so I can watch this tomorrow. Thanks.

Thanks for the link. I found this programme very interesting. It shows that support services for pain are inadequate and failing people who are in pain. Let's hope there are changes in the near future.

Thanks for the link.It was very interesting.We certainly need changes in the near future.

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