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New research from over the pond


I found these two research articles yesterday & thought I'd share them with you.

This one is based on CFS/ME but is thought may also apply to fibro it shows that suffers have an autoimmune disease where the ANA cells attack the serotonin receivers. This could be why anti depressants work so well for some?

This one shows a blood test that can be used to identify fibromyalgia as a definitive diagnosis:

It's pretty new research & as its over the pond it could be years before the UK catch up but hey I think it's really positive & two fingers to all those doctors & other people who say its in our heads. :)

Hope you're all enjoying the 2nd Sunny bank holiday :)

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I'll have a look on monday.


I have cfs/me related Fibromyalgia , both conditions were diagnosed through a series of blood tests and the points system , also the fact that i've suffered pain for over 3 months , at first knowing that i had a definite diagnosis helped me in a way that i felt relieved i had a real diagnosis. I'm however extremely frustrated with the pain control i've been given, until now . I'm on pregabalin and tramadol which seem to be helping and doing what it says on the box, although i still suffer extreme muscle spasms, i've noticed they get worse if i feel anxious .

It seems we just have to live with this horrid illness and justify all the time that we are ill

hugs, Kira x

Yeah that's why I hoped the studies would be a step in the right direction. The more they understand it the more they can do to control it.

I have fibro as a result of other autoimmune diseases & yes it really sucks as does the pain and stiffness I'm on 120mg of morphine a day plus 1g of naproxen and it still hurts. So fingers crossed the abover are one step closer to some help

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