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The Great Gatsby


My daughter and I went to see the "new" film (I saw the original version with Robert Redford 30 years ago -- but due to the fibromyalgia, couldn't remember anything about it!!!) It is quite a long film so I was slightly stiff at the end but it was worth it for an afternoon of "forgetting fibromyalgia" and watching Leonardo DiCaprio!!!! :) PS don't ask me tomorrow what the story is is about --- starting to forget already!!! ---so when they make a new version in 30 years time, guess I can enjoy it all over again :)

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I'm looking forward to seeing this one - Leonardo di Caprio is a better actor than Robert Redford, I think. RR was very good looking, but I never really liked him.

I saw the new Star Trek movie last week - that was really good. Benedict Cumberbatch can be my new 'Toy Boy'! :D


I can't wait for them to come out on DVD I can't sit in the cinema anymore due to various problems so pleaseeee don't tell me anything about either film

Begs with puppy dog eyes

Vg x

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