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WRAG decision - appealing against decision

Hi everyone

Really fed up to be put in WRAG after IB support for almost 10 years, now at approaching 60 with Fibromyalgia/ME and many serious Muscular Skeletal problems needing regular approintments with Pain Management and Rheumatology consultants, they have called me to a interview at the local Jobcentre. Have an Appeal in against decision and dispute my ESA report given without even having a medical. Lots of other problems too listed and supported by Dr and all my many consultants and gathering further evidence which shows a lot of my problems are degenerative autoimmune disorders. Its like watching my last mother all over again as she, her sister and my own sister are crippled with the diseases. Anyone out there who can encourage and help me would be greatly appreciated as I want to be ready for my appeal tribunal whenever that might be and don't want my benefit stopped when I am daily getting more and more things wrong - I feel like I'm falling apart and its only a cocktail of the many drugs prescribed that keep me going though most of time I'm half asleep and like a zombie.

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I put my appeal in againist been placed in WRAG, after IB for 6 years without medical. Went to CAB who filled out appeal form GL24 and was told to gather further evidence and make another apointment once I got bundle of papers so they coud help me in completing the submission. What I did though, was send a letter I wrote off with the appeal form and as soon as i had further evidence I didn't hang onto it but posted, recorded, hoping it got their in time for reconsideration by another decision maker. I sent off photos, support letters, a day in my life from awaking untli I went to bed and lots of others bits which off hand cant think what they were giving them as much info I could throw at them. I heard last week that they have cancelled my appeal and placed me in support group. So if you havn't aready got help from CAB or another charity that can help you , get in touch with them and secondly get your supporting evidence off , dont hang onto it as on reconsideration it could change the outcome made by the decision maker. Hope this makes sense and helps you in your fight.



Hi Marros,

I know its annoying but don't give up. Its particularly important to appeal. Yes they will look at the decision again as they have to as part of the process if it was sent to the tribunals service. It is important to argue against the decision not to put you in the support group and why you feel that you meet the support group descriptors.

If you drop me a message I will quite happily send you the support group descriptors across and guide you into how to say which ones are applicable to you.

Best wishes,

Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim


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