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hi,quick update..i have just sent part 1 of my appeal..i recieved atos medical report from dwp but it was illegiable!hence the two part appeal.im waiting for the dwp to type the report so i can read it..so n my appeali have used ALL the DMG criteria in my appeal so if they turn me down again they will have to have a good explanation as i used ALL their points of law and ALL the DMG criteria..so i basically have used ALL their replies used in DMG in my appeal,i must say reading through the 144 PAGES of DMG i am appauled at the way ALL of our answers are twisted in their multi complex replies eg...trouble using toilet..we say yes and explain why,,their guidlines say refuse client as if they had a commode it wouldnt be unnessasary for night help!.thus the long haul we have to fight to get whats legaly our!! so by the time we have started another procces explaining AGAIN we lose heart and give up!! hey presto EXACTLY what they wanted in the first place...so i expect fireworks when they open my appeal and start to trawl through..i dont believe that the Decision makers know all the hundreds of questions and answers because even if they did it would take weeks to go through our forms..hence I believe they just say no and thats why it seems that what ever we say they say the opposite! they obviously just hope we will accept their deccision ..sorry for the rant but i wish i had found this DMG CRITERIA 3 YEARS AGO!..xxx

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I would be very grateful for the link to these criterion but I guess it would be even better if they could be held in the Fibroaction document repository!

Can this be done?

I must say, well done for getting yourself to this point Podminstrel!!

Best of luck!

Gary x


hi garyim not very computer literate so i will ask my daughter how to do this..in the meantime if you google DMG CRITERIA you probly be able to find it,thats what i did..it was a long procces but im sure you will find it easy...its all done by numbers eg 1234 FALLS etc and it takes a while to sort through it,it contradicts its self a lot and i think this is why its not cut and dried to us...you know where it says about frequent night needs being 2-3 times anight to qualify? well...further into their guidelines it cleaarly states that "frequent means more than once"..so its amine field..also if a client is on HRM it is a forgone conclusion that the client should recieve higher rate care !! i have never heard that before but there it was in black and white...so quite an eye opener gary,as i said a lot of us dont even know this exists..any problems let me know ..i spent a lot of time saying OMG! as i now realise we NEED to know all this to win xx


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