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Sorry to hear you are waiting for that appointment ,hope soon sorted or even that you may get over this - I have some really bad weeks and then I find I can be normal for a time! It is harder when speech is required - my typing may have spelling errors but I seem able to put the words down, but my "prime" faux pas was opening the fridge door and saying to my husband "I'll have to ring the undertaker"!! Fortunately for me he guessed I was gibbering again!

I have read many blogs since finding this site and find solace knowing so many folk have these oddities to live with. I don't remember "ha ha" much being said about the cold! It's now May and we have to have a fire as I am so easy to get cold, wearing 4 layers and 2 wheatbags on my back just to keep warm.and that's indoors! Yes I also have a friend who cannot see that I do my best and the reality is pain and fear.

The usual tummy probs and spasm with hands and feet, tinnitus, aversion to loud music and like you wondering if one day my forgetery will be branded as dementia. I also come just (6months) into the DLA/PIP review - oh if I lose my car I will be totally lost.

well enough of my babbling just good to get things off my chest!


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Hi OldieB,

You seem to feel like the rest of us - in pain, forgetful and fed up with the bad weather. then there's all this nonsense going on with benefits - it's a lot to put up with.

I'm glad you felt that you could come here and have a bit of a moan - we all do it, and as you say, it's good to get things off your chest.

I've never looked in the fridge for the undertaker, but I often put my purse in there, next to the milk and butter - talk about 'frozen assets' :)

I do hope that you manage to keep your car, transport is a bit of a lifeline to most of us!

Moffy x


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