I feel so stupid

I feel so stupid......had my form to fill in which took me nearly three weeks sent all the info I had from consultants Id seen over the years, I hoped I had put enough in the form that I would not have to go for medical......but no medical appointment came I went the lady seemed very nice, waited for the letter to tell me what they had decided, I had been put on esa for a year ok I thought that seems ok but the letter was so confusing for me to understand what it all ment for me.......I had been given a personal adviser who I had to go and see or I lost my benefit so I went along to see her again nice lady.......she asked if I understood why I was there and I said no not really so she started to explain and then she dropped the bomb shell I had been given this money for a year then it would stop, so then what I said ........you can apply for something else but it will be means tested she asked if my husband worked full time we said yes and the look on her face said it all, then I realised I have been put in the wrong group even she agreed I was in the wrong group, but its been more than a month so they may say Im to late to appeal, I sent every bit of evidence I had to them, where am I going to get more from and the thought of a tribunal terrifies me, I have never felt so helpless in all my life I wish I could tell them to stick there benefit where the sun don't shine, but unfortunately I cant afford to do that.......what do I do.......

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  • You might be lucky if you put in an appeal now, and explain you had not been informed correctly, or not at all, by the DWP at the time. They might accept this as good cause based on lack of info for your appeal being late.

  • Im going to send my appeal in see what happens, but Im sure they will use the fact that its late to do nothing about it.

  • Do not know what you do really as I AM in the same boat with now 100 sheets of evidence sent into them for my tribunal and still no date with only 4 weeks to go until year is up and I lose the benefit. I am at my wits end as once i HAVE NO MONEY i am sure that husband and i will end up having to part and me be left on the streets with nowhere to go etc. THAT is how bad things are and there is absolutely nothing one can do and no help forthcoming from anywhere. Over the year my health physically is at least 200% worse and my mental health is 400% worse BUT that will be irrelevent as well at the tribunal as it is all based on how you were when you aopplied!

  • all this stress just makes you feel even worse, I cant sleep at the moment for worrying about it all, what do you do if you lose your benefit but you cant work, they don't seem to be bothered about any of us.

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