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Nasty birds'

Hey ho, have just been rootling around in my chest freezer on the garage for 2 frozen chickens I bought last Friday after much searching and cursing I decided that someone had stolen them. While closing the garage for the night I saw a bag on top of the lawn mower...yup, you guessed it. The chickens defrosted and absolutely ponging, nearly a week old in the heat we've had this week! URGH. The smell!!!!

So what did I do I hear you ask? Closed the garage door and hop that the fibrofog let's me forget they are there of course!!!!!

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at least you hadn't put the mower in the freezer :D


Phew thought you were talking about the volunteers for a minute......

I will send Moffy round to put them in the bin for you ... Moffy is volunteer extraordinaire and will always go the extra mile for forum members while San and I sit here in the hut laughing


VG xxx


Puts on gas mask and searches hut for Bio-Hazard bin

Yeurk! - VG's socks are in there!


Have now binned them and barfed on the lawn on full view of next doors who was out washing her car....I'm so classy lol! X