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How it feels!!!!!!

Well can honestly say that the pain the last two months has been worse ever,, and I'm now taking 50mg amitriptyline 4 times a day as well as 30/500cocod, 2 four times a day yet still hurt all over , I'm even in pain when bladder or bowels need to clear!!!!, and I feel like my general practitioners don't understand how painfully and life changing this condition is so what hope do I have of my family fully understanding,, be lovelly to hear from somebody who does get it,, I'm 34 and people just assume I'm just boring and don't want to join in and have a social life,,,,, if only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Have you been to your GP and explained that the meds are not taking away the pain .., there are lots of different meds to try ... And co cododamol is notorious for making you constipated

We all understand how bad you feel and how life changing it is, but please don't suffer in total pain. Go see your GP if you feel nervous and forget things write a list of things that are concerning you if you feel bad when you get to see your GP hand the list over ... I have ...

Lots of meds do not agree with me ...the two you are on are two of the worst for side effects for me..

Hope this helps even a little

VG x


Hi Funnybunny,

We've all experienced this feeling, and when it comes to pain killing medication it's very true to say that what suits one won't suit another. It sounds as though your pain meds are not suitable for you, and it's time to try something different.

We suggest in this situation that you write down a list of your problems when you visit your GP, and if possible take a family member with you to your appt. for moral support.

Tell your GP that you need help urgently, that you would like a consultant opinion, and insist that he does this for you.

It's your right as a patient, and always remember that you doctor receives a good salary for looking after you and must do a proper job.

Getting adequate pain relief is the number one priority for us fibromites - everything else can be dealt with as and when, but severe pain is an emergency.

Take care, and I hope you feel better soon.

Moffy x


Hello Funnybunny,

i agree with Moffy & VG i would consider making an appointment with your GP to discuss your pain experience. Please see link below for information about how Fibro is treated, you can download & print the page as a factsheet that you can use for reference

As you are newly diagnosed and may be want to learn a bit more about Fibro. The series All about Fibro may be of interest. As would the expert patient series on our website too, in particular the dealing with doctors page, link below

I hope you get your pain under control soon

Best Wishes



Oh thanks for all the advice,, will make an appointment asap,, I'm still new to all this,, spent years thinking it was all in my head,, but low and behold its really,, got to say that was a bit of relief as I thought I was going mad,!!!!,,and thank for support hope you are all good,xxxx


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