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Anyone have success with Prednisolone for recurrent miscarriage?

Hi all,

To give a brief overview of my situation, I have suffered 8 miscarriages/early losses and in August this year I was seen by Prof Brosens and Prof Quenby at Coventry hospital. I had all the tests run including NK cells, but all came back normal. Nevertheless, Prof Brosens recommend progesterone (which I have been on before) and Prednisolone from week 5 of pregnancy. They also said because of the two biopsies I had for the NK cells test, which acts like a scrap, now is the best time for us to try.

Last month I conceived (I never have any problem conceiving), but I knew very soon after it wasn't right as I had no symptoms at all and my tests were faint. So I didn't even get to 5 weeks to try to prednisolone.

This month I have conceived again, I am 4.5 weeks today, but again, the tests are faint and I have no symptoms, and having gone through this so many times, in my heart of hearts I know the signs. But I was just wondering, if anyone has any success stories with Prednisolone? If I started taking it now, is there any chance it could save this pregnancy, or is it already too late?

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi are you supposed to take it before conception? Or during pregnancy?


I was told to take it from week 5, but i’ve had a negative test this morning so it’s another chemical :(


Oh I’m so sorry I’ve had 2 mc don’t think I could emotionally take another 1 not mind 9 😪 I’m currently 5w we get to 12w before we find out we’re mc I’m so scared this will be the same. I hope you can find something that helps xx sending hugs xx


So sorry for all you’ve been through, I took prednisolone from CD1 but I don’t know if it works differently as mine was an IVF pregnancy. I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant - the furthest I’ve ever got after 2 mmc and 2 unsuccessful cycles. I really hope the prednisolone helps and your pregnancy continues xx


Thank you so much. Sadly I had a negative test this morning so it’s another chemical :(


I am so sorry for your losses- I can’t believe you’ve gone through this so many times. 1 is too many 😢

I take prednisolone & progesterone pessaries from a positive test till 12 weeks. I also took low dose aspirin throughout my cycle to suppress my nk cells ( they are raised) & endometriosis until I got my positive test.

I’m unsure why they insist 5 weeks & not earlier.

I would try to take them earlier than 5 weeks as your danger zone is 4/5 weeks- that was my danger zone too. xodo

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Hi Puds. I took what’s called quad therapy it’s low dose steroids (20mg) clexane, progesterone and evorel patches. I had my dearlittle girl (now 18mth) I’m now pregnant with my second had my six week scan today and took the same treatment. I have crohns I had a failed fresh and a frozen loss I then moved my remaining four embryos to a private clinic as nhs patient as I lost faith in the hospital (they wouldn’t put two in until I had three failures) my little girl was two. Frozen and we lost a twin very early like 7 weeks it was vanishing twin syndrome so no indication. I’ve done everything the same this time with treatment and I started the steroids just before transfer. Google it though there is lots of info x


I'm so terribly sorry you've gone through so much!! :( God love you poor thing. I don't have personal experience of using prednisolone. Though my younger sister, poor thing, was on a highish dose for arthritis. Her appetite increased, she had night terrors, she was hyper and crazy angry in the day. Everytime I spoke to our nurse about behaviour issues she said yep that'll be the steroids..I know this doesn't add to the topic. Just wanted to say I might guess what you're going through..May God help you..


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