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Second miscarriage

Hi all,

I recently had a second miscarriage and I am completely shocked and put off. But I would like to be a mummy.

I guess I just wanted to know if anyone had any success being pregnant after 2 miscarriages and how long did it take to conceive after your miscarriage.

Thank you

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First of all I'm so so sorry to hear of your losses- how devastating.

I had early miscarriage in July after trying for 6 years so I know I know the pain you speak of. I haven't been successful trying since our loss- however I have had a few issues since the loss and am undergoing further tests - an ultrasound revealed my lining is uneven so my consultant wants me to have a hysteroscopy to have a closer look.

I know many women do fall after a miscarriage and go on to have healthy babies.

Have the drs given any indication of the reason for the losses?

Have they considered sending you for miscarriage testing? I'm not sure if its 2 or 3 before you can get a referral.

I have been given progesterone pessaries to take for the first 12 weeks ( these were issued after my bleeding in my last pregnancy) I also stress I do have endometriosis so maybe that is why my consultant wanted Me to take them. I also take low dose steroids during early pregnancy too- my nk levels are high again my consultant thinks that is a good idea to safe guard my pregnancy. I say this as you've had 2 miscarriages there might be additional medication you can take to support the next pregnancy- obviously I'm not medical.

I'm sure you will fall again- its awful you've suffered but it is positive that you can conceive- with additional meds you will hopefully carry full term with the next one. You can do this.

Right now its very raw and I know there is nothing anyone can say to make it better so be kind and give yourselves as much time as you need- suchs a personal thing.

All the best xoxo


I’m really sorry for your loss. It’s not easy. My GP only said these things happen, I just have to keep trying. Nothing else really.


Thank you lovely.

Are you under a fertility consultant? If you are I would voice any concerns to him/her. GPS are ok- but they are limited and a bit too general. My fertility consultant he has been very supportive im very lucky.😀

If you are not I would see a different doctor and see if you can be referred for miscarriage clinic- if for nothing more other than to put your mind at ease. I don't think its ok to accept looses without a explanation- I could understand if it was just one ( even one is too many 😔) as being a one off. But you've had two.

It seems a cop out to say " these things happen" its not an acceptable way to talk about a loss of life- they wouldn't say that if someone's child had died- why is miscarriage any different? Sorry but I really find comments like that unhelpful. 😬

Some of the ladies on here will be able to advise on miscarriage testing. xoxo


No I’m not. I know what you mean.


Hi hun

I'm sorry for your losses I know it's hard

I had 3 before I had my daughter. I had them in 09 my dad past away in 2010 and I was pregnant in 2013 with my daughter. I could have had investigations but never wanted any.

We've been trying since my daughter turned 1 nothing happened found out I had endo and blocked tubes in Feb told it would cost thousands to get pregnant or ectopic. I wasn't buying it did research took serrapeptase cleared my tubes iv fallen pregnant twice since April (3 really but didn't know until had a uti test and seen my report later) lost the pregnancies early on. One at 5 weeks and iv just found out my bubu stopped growing at 6 weeks I'm currently waiting to miscarry. I'm actually under the miscarriage clinic and they are doing tests to find out why this is happening. My gut is telling me it's endo iv learnt that ppl with endo have a, 76% chance of miscarriage. Which is really quite worrying, but I will continue to research and find out what I can do to stop this happening. Some miscarriage clinics will see you after 2 losses so try and find out hun if any if your hospitals do and get your gp to do a referral.

I'm sorry for your losses hun in my experience it can happen. Good luck on your journey hun. I'm here if you need to chat 💗💗🤗😘


I’m sorry for your losses hun. At the moment I’m finding it so difficult to believe it won’t happen again. I live in London and I am looking for a miscarriage clinic and hopefully I will know the answers to why I have the miscarriages. I’m finding it too hard to accept without reasons😔.


It's hard really hard if I'm honest. Even when you do fall pregnant it's just plagued by worry till at least 16 weeks for me it is.

I hope you find a clinic and get a, referral hun.

So many ppl continue to have healthy pregnancies with no answers as to why it's happened in the past.

Hopefully you'll get answers hun and hopefully in time you'll be able to move on and have a happy healthy pregnancy with your rainbow bubu. I wish you all the best





I had 4 failed Ivf

2 natural MC one in November last year, one in may this year, then got pregnant in July. I'm almost 20 weeks.

I've been trying for 5 years

I took progesterone until week 14

Adiro for blood

And am injecting clexane daily to ensure good blood flow between me and baby

One important thing, I cut out gluten. It can be a factor in miscarriages.

Have a look online, gluten and infertility, it'll surprise you.

Wishing you all the luck in the world.


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