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Failed IVF (Cycle 3)

So we found out today that we have no good embryos make it to day 5. Totally gutted, especially as this is the second cycle in a row where this has happened (our 3rd cycle in total). Feel like its never going to happen with my own eggs. My AMH was 8 something about 6 months ago which I know isn't terrible but I'm thinking maybe its quality over quantity and my eggs are clearly rubbish. Seems will be a total waste of time, emotion and money to try again. Anyone else had similar experience and had a happy ending? Positive stories very welcome. Thank you xx

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Hi there, I’ve had a failed round of ivf and I’m currently in my 2ww of round 2. First round I had a 3 day transfer nothing to freeze. This round we had a 5 day transfer but it was a slowly developing embryo so wasn’t a blastocyst. I’m expecting this cycle to be the a failure. My acupuncturist has recommended ubiquinal supplement and having a high protein diet (75gm per day) to help with egg quality. My friend who used the supplement had 5day transfer and 5 frozen embryos with a bfp! So it’s something u could try? I only got 5 fertilised both rounds so definitely quality not quantity. Hope this helps and good luck getting your bfp xxx


Oh, God, dear! I understand what you feel. Will share my story to encourage you somehow. We had been married with my dh for 10 years when we decided we wanted babies. After that decision followed a bit more than 2 years of unsuccessful TTC. After investigations they found out my dh had low count and sperm motility. Adding my endo.. Being in 'haste' or sth we tried rounds IUI, ICSI but they brought us no result. Every time we ended with BFN. Then we switched the clinics. This time travelled abroad. In our new clinic they did more testings on us both and told their verdict - my eggs weren't going to work. So they recommended us to go straight to egg donation. As my body was healthy enough to carry pregnancy we agreed to this option. Soon we were off to start a completely new journey with using another woman's eggs. I thought the process would be smooth. And it was, but we got different results each time. Shot#1 resulted in BFN. Shot#2 - early miscarriage. Shot#3 - put back 2 blasts, one vanished, another one made home. We conceived with a ealthy baby-boy. One more thing. My endo never went away. We did surgeries, but it came back again and again. So the process passed with constant pains and painful intercourse and so on. All in all, our journey doesn't seem to be fast an easy, but we didn't stop and achieved our goals. The same to you, hun, please, do never stop and keep on moving! I will be praying for your rainbow, sending you huge hugs xxx


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