Failed IVF (Cycle 3)

So we found out today that we have no good embryos make it to day 5. Totally gutted, especially as this is the second cycle in a row where this has happened (our 3rd cycle in total). Feel like its never going to happen with my own eggs. My AMH was 8 something about 6 months ago which I know isn't terrible but I'm thinking maybe its quality over quantity and my eggs are clearly rubbish. Seems will be a total waste of time, emotion and money to try again. Anyone else had similar experience and had a happy ending? Positive stories very welcome. Thank you xx

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  • Hi there, I’ve had a failed round of ivf and I’m currently in my 2ww of round 2. First round I had a 3 day transfer nothing to freeze. This round we had a 5 day transfer but it was a slowly developing embryo so wasn’t a blastocyst. I’m expecting this cycle to be the a failure. My acupuncturist has recommended ubiquinal supplement and having a high protein diet (75gm per day) to help with egg quality. My friend who used the supplement had 5day transfer and 5 frozen embryos with a bfp! So it’s something u could try? I only got 5 fertilised both rounds so definitely quality not quantity. Hope this helps and good luck getting your bfp xxx

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