IVF - Missed dose of Menopur

Hi, I'm new but looking for help. Last night I missed my menopur injection (I dropped the bottle on the floor and it smashed). We've picked up more this morning for the rest of the cycle but I'm so worried that my one missed dose will have an effect on egg quality/quantity. This was CD3 and day 2 of stims, I'm also on Gonal F, Clomid and Dexomethasone, all of which I took on time. Any words of reassurance greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance x

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  • Hi Sarah

    I’m sure it will be fine, phone the clinic and see if u need a different strength dose today

    I’m doing a cycle at the mo and forgot the first dose of orgalutran and I phoned the emergency nurse and she just said take it ASAP

    Hope all is okxx

  • Thank you Penny x our consultant didn't seem too concerned as we only missed one dose of one drug and its so early in the process. Very relived but still a little worried and cross with myself for being so clumsy! This whole thing is stressful enough as it is without these added complications. Good luck with your cycle xxx

  • Don't worry your clinic will sort it, they may just stim you for longer if needed xx

  • Thank you Button xx

  • I was on just gonal f and just had to add in menopur on the last three days and my follicles grew. Obviously your clinic are the folk to reassure you but I think you’ll be fine!

  • Thank you Lizzie xx

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