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Pain miscarriage

Hi all.

My first post. Sadly not at a good time. Currently going through my first miscarriage after ivf. I was 7 weeks. I passed the sac Monday morning, after this the pain subsided a lot. However it's come back stronger this afternoon. Is this normal/to be expected? I'm up to the max of painkillers. Had a scan this morning and they confirmed very little still to come away. 😢

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Hi Linsey.

Unfortunately , like yourself I went through miscarriage at 9 weeks with identical twins only 2 weeks ago.

I didn't have any bleed or cramps, we went for the scan and there was no heartbeat.

We were given options to assist the passage of the twins and I opted for ERPC.

Emotionally I couldn't handle the thought of twins inside me with no heartbeat and didn't know when nature would take its course

The operation was quick and thank god no physical pain .

Please phone your Early Pregnancy Unit or GP as no point in going through the physical pain which we can do something about .

Please mind yourself as it's not an easy time

Big hugs


Hi San,

I'm so sorry for your loss. 😢 There are no words that can describe the emotional pain, I hope you are taking good care of yourself.

Thank you for replying. Pain is a little better this morning, but think I will take your advice and give the clinic a call.

Thanks ❤️


Definitely do Linsey. This is something that we can take control of , so no point in suffering xx

Take care and even though it's tough, try to stay positive .

I am still having breakdowns , so partner suggested counselling , which I will look into today as emotional pain is not going to go away , but we have to deal with it somehow

So, please don't suffer in silence and help is at hand, unfortunately we have to seek for it rather than the medical industry providing it😢, despite knowing that how man women suffer from Depression after a miscarriage xxxx


Hello ..

I have had numerous Miss carriages and currently going through one again.. this is to be expected :( it can take a while to all come away xx

Sorry for your loss honey xxx


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