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When did you ovulate after miscarriage?


I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. The bleeding has now calmed down so has the cramps. I only have spotting now which should end in a day or two. I did a pregnancy test it is still very strong positive. I called the EGU for advice and they diagnosed me as complete miscarriage from my scan last on friday. They said I should get my period in 4-6 weeks and the remaining tissue should pass with my period. They advised to wait until next period for ttc. However, I am confused how can I ovulate with alot of HCG still in my system. When will I likely be ovulating? Can you share your stories with me please of when you ovulated after an early miscarriage. . There is no point doing ovulation tests yet as they will be positive due to my hcg levels. I just want to track my cycles even though I am not ttc this month.

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