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Question re short protocol and injections

Hi, so after starting my first ivf treatment end of jan, I started the suprecur down reg spray but unfortunately they have had to cancel this cycle as my lining seems to be getting thicker even though I down regulated so I'm now waiting for a hysteroscopy and all treatments stopped .

Have to say I feel a bit lost but what can I do.

Anyway , as long as my results come back ok , they said I would start the short protocol nxt time ( So no down reg meds.

Can you tell me, what day I would start injections ? My periods are v irratic so could possibly not get a period for well over 6 weeks so this will put me back further!

They said my hysteroscopy app would be about 6 weeks time .

Feel so strange at the moment as today would have been my egg collection day 😕

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Hey, since I might end up on short protocol I've done some reading from my big book on it. You seem to go for a scan and blood test on day 2/3 and then if the results are normal you'll be asked to start your treatment following a call from hospital later that day. Of course this may vary from hospital to hospital I guess.

But I wanted to let you know that with my crazy cycle (I started bleeding on Friday! Stopped at the end of the day and nothing!) my hospital have indicated they will take control of me ; which someone on here said would be by putting me on the pill.

Perhaps ask them about this? x


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