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Searching advice on surrogacy

Hello everyone!

I'm new here.

I've come here to find answers and advice. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for nearly 5 years, had 5 IVFs, but they all weren't successful. And after the last failed attempt I've been diagnosed with thin endometrium. I know, it can be treated, but I'm really emotionally drained, so IVF is no longer an option to me. But I really want to have a child! My husband proposed surrogacy, but I just don't know... Did anybody here have this experience? If yes, could you please share your story? I would really appreciate it! Thank you all in advance for your help and your time!!

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Hello Bethie,

Thank you very much for your story! It is priceless to me! And I'm pretty sure you won't get banned from the group if you name this clinic :) I even think that this information will be very useful for ladies like me. And the ones who will dislike it, simply shouldn't read this conversation. If it's your daughter on your profile pic, she's very lovely! I'm so happy for you! :)

Waiting for further information on the clinic ;)


Thank you!!


Hey Beth, congratulations! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful success story with us! It's these success stories that help me and hopefully many like me to keep their hopes high even in such distressful situation as infertility is. The additional details are really helpful. Even I switched to the clinic in Ukraine hoping they could deal with my problem better. Plus, with my last FET that ended up in a BFN, I have had the last health insurance covered IVF. I've got to pay for the further rounds all by myself and reproductive tourism was comparatively more affordable than the self-financed treatment in my country. I was also considering India for the same but my SO being from Poland, East Europe sounds much more easily accessible. Hope it works out for us this time, fingers crossed!


I also wanted to say what the Bethie told already. have heard so much great and inspiring stories about them. You can check it on their website, you have the prices and many different ''packets'' and I am sure that you will find the one that fits you. Keep us informed how the things went for you! Also, you can contact them directly, they will give you the needed answers. I am going there for the egg donation.


Hi Hannah, seems like we're in the same boat. I've had 2 rounds of IVF without much success and 3 MCs so far. Though there are probably two more chemical pregnancies, all I got was a faint line on HPT and then the AF started within 2-3 days with a couple of huge clots. :( It's the same problem with me - the uterine lining. Though mine was around 10-12mm while the transfer but that's still is on the lower side. My new clinic, however, informed me that perhaps it could be not the comparatively thin lining but irregularities in its structure which has been disrupting the gestation. I did get pregnant (or had a BFP) 5 times and 2 of them were from normal TTC. If this round doesn't work for me either I too will have to opt for surrogacy. Hope you find the strength to fight this infertility!

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you are having the same problem as I am 🙁 I hope that your next round will be a success! But just in case, have you already started investigating surrogacy? From what I've learned from other ladies' experiences, it's not an extremely complicated process, but it requires some preparation and knowledge. Maybe you could share some info or ideas? Also, what is your opinion about the donor eggs? Sorry for asking so many questions, but I'm still confused about surrogacy motherhood 😵


Hi! With the large amount of info avaliable today I'd rather think about going to Ukraine. Friends of mine went with Ukrainian clinic. They seem quite satisfied with it. According to legislation of this country, intended parents are legal parents of the baby born by surrogate. Their names are written in the baby’s birth certificate. A surrogate has no chance to keep a baby after signing the contract. For me this is the most important point as you've probably read a lot about how things happen to parents in other countries.. Besides they didn't pay the whole sum of money at once. If I'm not mistaken they paid in 5 instalments. No age limits and the opportunity to choose among surrogacy programs - all seems attractive for me. Wish you all the best and would be glad to hear from you soon x


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