I saw my baby's heartbeat 😊😊

I saw my baby's heartbeat 😊😊

Yesterday I had my early scan they dated me at 7 and half weeks. We had 2 5 day embryos transferred only one made it though.

I was so overwhelmed to see my baby who measured 22mm with a strong heartbeat flickering away on the screen.

I have now been discharged from the hospital and have to register my pregnancy at my doctors.

This was my first time IVF and it's a long road but so worth it.

They have me an approx due fate 13/2/17 so could be a valentine baby .

Can't stop looking at the picture!!

Nxt scan in 1 month .

Good luck to all of you . Stay strong xxxxx

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  • So beautiful! Congratulations! Thank you for posting I'm still waiting (impatiently) for my scan so this was lovely to see xxx

  • Congratulations sweetheart. Looks amazing. Your post is very encouraging x

  • Congratulations it is the best feeling. I had ivf which worked 1st time and now have a 3 weeks old baby. Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy and beyond xx

  • It is nice to see a positive post it has given me hope that first cycles can be successful. Do you mind me asking what age you are? I think the clinic would like to put one embryo back because I am under 26 but I have heard so many people say that they put 2 and only one takes so unsure if this is something I should request

  • Hi , I turned 39 in July , we were only ever told they would put 1 back unless they were of poor quality. All 4 of my embryos were of high quality and they said they will put 2 back - we were v shocked but had 2 back anyway, but only 1 took .

    I would say because of your age they prob would put 1 back . Good luck it can work 1st time . I'm still in shock I think , even with a big bump 😊😊😊