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I saw my baby's heartbeat 😊😊

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Yesterday I had my early scan they dated me at 7 and half weeks. We had 2 5 day embryos transferred only one made it though.

I was so overwhelmed to see my baby who measured 22mm with a strong heartbeat flickering away on the screen.

I have now been discharged from the hospital and have to register my pregnancy at my doctors.

This was my first time IVF and it's a long road but so worth it.

They have me an approx due fate 13/2/17 so could be a valentine baby .

Can't stop looking at the picture!!

Nxt scan in 1 month .

Good luck to all of you . Stay strong xxxxx

7 Replies
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So beautiful! Congratulations! Thank you for posting I'm still waiting (impatiently) for my scan so this was lovely to see xxx

Congratulations sweetheart. Looks amazing. Your post is very encouraging x

Congratulations it is the best feeling. I had ivf which worked 1st time and now have a 3 weeks old baby. Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy and beyond xx

It is nice to see a positive post it has given me hope that first cycles can be successful. Do you mind me asking what age you are? I think the clinic would like to put one embryo back because I am under 26 but I have heard so many people say that they put 2 and only one takes so unsure if this is something I should request

Hi , I turned 39 in July , we were only ever told they would put 1 back unless they were of poor quality. All 4 of my embryos were of high quality and they said they will put 2 back - we were v shocked but had 2 back anyway, but only 1 took .

I would say because of your age they prob would put 1 back . Good luck it can work 1st time . I'm still in shock I think , even with a big bump 😊😊😊


Amazing! Huge Congratulations to you!

I am 29 & am about to embark on my 1st IVF journey through CARE fertility, with donor sperm & I am also opting to egg share. Very nervous with a needle/medical phobia but ready for the challenge!

Your lovely post fills me with hope, thankyou! xx

Ahh! It's beautiful! I'm so happy for you!!! Hope more people will go for ivf or surrogacy, because it can help sole world infertility problem and bring happiness to peoples lives. I mean look at the world now, tons of pregnant teenage girls and even more families who cant have kids at all, there are a lot of clinics in all parts of the world: USA, UK, Greece, Ukraine, all of them can help. I really want you to have healthy child, fingers crossed for you! xx

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