Best UK early pregnancy multi-vitamin?

Hi everyone. Still waiting for my first scan but have nearly run out of folic acid. I've just been taking standard folic acid but I've heard they do multi vitamins with the folic acid in and thought maybe they might be better as they offer a bit more? Do you ladies have any advice or recommendations? My hubby doesn't want me to change them to anything he wants me to have the same one I've been having all this time, do you think he's being a worry wart or do you think that's a valid concern? I just thought since I need to buy a new lot I may as well try a multi one?

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  • P.s. no idea why it automatically added a tag for warts and veruccas? Random tagging system lol

  • I've been taking the Zita West multivitamins since TTC and they are very good quality. You can get them on the website and delivered next day. There is a one a day multivitamin for pregnancy which has folic acid and a lot more to help with keeping your body healthy during pregnancy. All the best for your scan xx

  • Thanks for your help Isa. Do you know if it's the same amount of folic acid as it would be just taking the folic on its own? Xx

  • It's 400ug of folic acid which I think is the standard amount in any good pregnancy or pre pregnancy vitamin. Hope that helps xx

  • Perfect thank you :)

  • I'm taking the zita west too during ivf and now switched to her pg vitamins. I take extra folic acid too as I was told to by the docs due to pcos. You can't necessarily overdose on folic acid (within reason)... your body takes what it needs and needs it replenishing everyday xx

  • Thats great thanks Kat. I hate buying new stuff it makes me feel like I'm jinxing it xx

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