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14dp3dt.... Hoping and praying :)


Well girls!

On the final stretch of my marathon 18day wait!

No af so far and otd in sight.... Tuesday 15th

Not testing before as heard so many with regrets, instead I'm making a list of questions I need answers for for both possibilities.

I was going to test on Monday so if know what to ask on Tuesday.... But then until the beta comes back I understand nothing is certain ;)

Please please please pray and cross your fingers and toes that it's working. I'm doing the same for you all too :)

Good luck to all whatever stage you're at :)

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I'm hoping, praying & crossing everything for you, X.

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Thanks molly you're a star :)

You have come so far. You are brill. Everything is crossed. Xx

I've got a good feeling hun x fingers crossed for u xxx


Fingers crossed! 15dp3dt. Still no af.....

:) hoping, praying, crossing fingers and toes :)

Thanks girls, I know whatever happens, you are all heroes xx

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