16dp3dt day 37.... No af... Otd on Tuesday 15 march... The longest 2ww ever!

16dp3dt day 37.... No af... Otd on Tuesday 15 march... The longest 2ww ever!


Here I am, further on than I dared to dream.... Praying that we get a positive result on Tuesday...

Not tested and not planning to poas.... Is it wierd to enjoy being in a " we could be pregnant " bubble?

I don't know how long progesterone can hold off af, all I know is... Last time it didn't stop af at all. She came loud and clear on day 29.

Prayers and positive vibes and toe and finger crossing welcome!!!

Baby dust storm to allllll

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  • I hope you get a positive result. You have come so far. Best wishes xx

  • Thanks maca,

    Every day that goes by is a bonus :) just praying that this could be our time.

    How are you ?

  • I'm sound thank you. 2 weeks over now since day of egg collection where it ended and still sad at times but will get there. Just wondering do you know how long it takes hormones to leave body? Still feel off at times. When is your test day, Tuesday? Can't wait to see your post that is all good xx

  • Hey, Tuesday

    Bloods in the morning then appointment later on.

    With the hormones I used linseed. My first cycle was cancelled as the estridiol shot up to 7076 week about 2500 max.

  • You deserve it, can't wait for your bfp post!,X

  • Ah molly it would be ace. Fingers crossed ;)

  • Fingers crossed! Really hope it's good news, not long to wait, hang on in there! 🙏🏽 you've done so well staying positive throughout! Xx

  • Fingers and toes crossed, two more sleeps till d day

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