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Will our time come? :(

Will our time come? :(

Hey girls

Waiting to see what the hospital have planned for a third and last try. Meanwhile two girls who have become friends have both had Ivf successes. One is 33 weeks, the other got her bfp today.

I'm super happy for them, God knows they deserve it, but at the same time.... You know :(

They are 10 years younger than me....

Hubby's fragmentation and dna came back good, guess it's me.

Do I go private with donation eggs?

On top I have IBS, amazingly this past 2 years I haven't had a flare up but work's stressful and hey ho diarrhoea has come back, 10 days now. Naturally I'm stressed I've got stressed about it which makes it worse :(

Almost getting to the stage where I think, maybe not having a little one isn't the end of the world, God has a plan. But I'm gutted and wish he would give me a clue to what it is..

Any hints, motivation, jokes, stupid stories welcome from my girls :) need a boost and you girls are the top xx

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Hi losinghopefast77. I know what you mean about hearing about others that fall pregant when you are trying and trying. You just feel why cant it be my turn now i have been through the mill to.

See what the doc says when you them. It could be an option but hopefully you won't need to.

What i have been thinking 2 wks since my 4th bfn is you need to look after yourself. Have a drink if you want one, have a takeaway if you fancy it. Most importantly avoid anything that stresses you out as its not worth it. Put yourself first when it comes to work, dont over do it.

I have been dog sitting this weekend and that i found was a brilliant substitute for a baby. Only problem was i didnt want to give her back. Perhaps you could look into a pet if you dont already have one??

Hope this helps in some way. Take care xx

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Thanks hon, I have a gorgeous rescue dog who is just brilliant. Best thing we ever did :)

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Hi, I understand completely how you feel and when you reach that stage where you are about to give up hope.

Try not to though, sometimes it's all we have to keep us going. After my 3rd BFN I was at my lowest point and couldn't go on feeling the way I did so I made some positive changes.

I started yoga, swimming, eating healthier, learning to relax and meditate and I have to recommend going to see a good Kinesiologist and also if you can find someone near you who practises maya massage! I found them both amazing and filled me full of hope and strength.

Certainly have a glass of wine when you feel like it and yeah I recommend getting a puppy too 😀 We got a Saint Bernard 10months ago and she's been my wee buddy throughout all my troubles. It's like she knows when I'm fed up and she gives the best cuddles ever, she's like a teddy bear and getting out to walk her and having her to look after and knowing she relys on us has helping me express some of my mothering instincts.

I hope you feel better soon and find your hope is restored again! Sending you lots of luck for your future and lots of hope too. xx


Hi. I know it's hard but please don't blame yourself, it's neither or your husband at fault, sometimes life just messes around with our plans. Have a take away, do something stupid that you found on wowcher for a fiver (I recommend bouldering, nothing takes your mind off your situation quite like the threat of falling a great height onto a crash mat if you don't concentrate) or go see a film, anything to keep you occupied and make the time pass a bit quicker. Most importantly take care of yourself (and hubby) as best you can x

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Thanks girls :)

As always your fab xx


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