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How effective is the medication treatment for improving the egg quality?

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Short backstory:

After a failed attempt at IUI, me and DH are on for prep for the IVF. We've had our plans to start on it in December but had to shift the schedule and now we start next month in mid-July. In spite of my test results suggesting a poor egg quality, I'm not prescribed any medication like Ubiquinol or DHEA for my IVF rounds yet. Technically, there's a 5-6 weeks regime as far as I've come to know about it from the aggressive internet digging I've been doing on IVF lately. Is there any other short regime for the same? How effective is this treatment for egg quality with just medication? I really intend to talk to my doc and do everything I can to give my IVF the best possibility.


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Hi sorry can’t answer your questions, but on my last (and first) short cycle I was on Gonal F and cetronide. They want to try and Increase my egg numbers and quality so they are trying me on to Menopur and fyremadel. I hope that works but I haven’t been offered any additional medication. They said switching the general meds can have a big difference so 🤞🏻. Do you know which meds you will be on?

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yeah Gonal F and Clomid are usually the first choice of drugs when it comes to boost the fertility. That's like when you're done trying for over a year or so and nothing turned out to be fruitful. I think the question from the original poster is a bit different than that. Usually, these medicines that you mentioned are for ovarian stimulation that definitely works to improve the count. In fact either of these suits the women but then sometimes these may also give help with the egg quality but it's not guranteed or not at least the choice of drug for egg improvement. I was on DHEA... though it didn't not work much. A dose of 25 mg and then in next round 75mg per day for 5 weeks. The other one that I hear frequently is Ubiquinol but not sure about the dosage. Both works preety fine with women who needs to improvement in their egg quality as per clinical data as well as what I've heard from forum posts. There's a new hi-tech technique as well that develops some stem cells or so like to culture healthy and viable embryos. Certainly more effective but then pricey and not much in practiece.

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Wehavethis in reply to LKT1

Menopur was better for me second cycle having tried Gonal first. I produced better results under Menopur.

Gonadotropin medications include human menopausal gonadotropin or hMG(Menopur) and FSH (Gonal-F, Follistim AQ, Bravelle) Gonadotropins. Instead of stimulating the pituitary gland to release more hormones, these injected treatments stimulate the ovary directly to produce multiple eggs. Another gonadotropin, human chorionic gonadotropin (Ovidrel, Pregnyl), is used to mature the eggs and trigger their release at the time of ovulation. Concerns exist that there's a higher risk of conceiving multiples and having a premature delivery with gonadotropin use.

I understand your concerns. Still no one is mentioning mitochondrial donation which is becoming more and more popular within ivf paths. Have you ever considered this option? As far as I know, the mtiochondria are the ''energy core'' of egg cells. These help them fertilize and further develop into nice healthy embies. The method is designed for those with low amh or numerous failed oe ivf cycles. It's possible to use donor's mitochondria to ''rejuvenate'' eggs unless the latter aren't damaged genetically.

I think I'd ask dr on the point, being in your shoes.

All the best.

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