Ivf abroad now loads more expensive!!!

I'm so so cross and feel on the edge of madness!! The same as most of you on here it's been a long and frustrating journey. We have been saving for 2 years to have ivf in Spain, I need donor eggs because I am now 42 and I like the anonymity laws aboard.

We have had 1 failed ivf on the nhs, And been trying for 7 years.

The plan was to start in September as we would have saved all the money by then. But now we are pulling out of the eu, not only has the goal post moved but it might completely disappear! Travel my be more difficult and we don't know how much more cash we will need?

My husband is Spanish but I voted to stay in for a million reason, my mum voted out tho! And a cant help my anger, I can not even talk to her at the moment!

I am upset as I see my self as a European and it's been stolen from me, but it's now also going to effect my fertility journey.

it's taken a wile for me accept that I will have to use donor eggs and I was feeling excited and positive about the future, now this is yet another hurdle to drag my self over.

After operations and bad test results hope got me through but this time I think it might have to be anger and bloody mindedness.

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  • Sorry to hear that you are frustrated but don't forget nothing changes until Article 50 is triggered, then the changes will still take some time. You can still travel to Spain. I wouldn't delay your treatment though x I'm having treatment in Denmark and don't expect any changes for now.

    I was flabbergasted with the 'out' vote too!

    Best of luck x

  • Thanks only just found your replies ! I feel a lot better about it all now, have calmed do a bit!!!!

    We are going for our first apiontment on 24 August 👍 And then hope to do ET some time in October? Planning a long holiday after with the family in Spain😃😃 as we have not seen them for way to long!! Going to have to find a bit more money tho as the £ is so poor at the moment hope it improves?

    Best of luck to us all xxxx

  • Hi SharlyWarly is right. It will take two years before we exit from the EU. So you still have a chance to do your treatment. I am going to Prague to have my treatment. Good luck to all

  • Best of luck to you, and Rudy in Prague. Our next trip to Denmark will be in August, hopefully they don't think we're the mad brits who voted out xx

  • Haha I'm going to pretend to be Scottish! I have the red hair 😉 Good luck in Denmark is it your first time? Xx

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