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New to all this, what should I be asking my doc?


Hi everyone,

First time posting so please bear with me.

We’ve been trying to get pregnant now for almost a year.

I was diagnosed with PCOS a number of years ago and have successfully lost about 2.5 stone. My bloods are good and show ‘healthy hormone levels’ according to doc.

However internal ultrasound shows cysts on my ovaries and I’m also super hairy, haha!

A week and half ago I had a blood test to see if I’m ovulating. The one which you have a week before period. Think I timed it pretty well as I had the blood test on the Thursday morning then started spotting on the Tuesday and came on properly on the Thursday after. Does that sound about right?

My main question is, I have another blood test to do again this cycle and then docs will review if I am ovulating. What’s the next stage from there? Is there anything specific I should be asking for? I have never taken any medicine for PCOS only a topical cream for facial hair which was toss 😂😂

Any help would be amazing lovelies ❤️

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Hi Purplemoon

Sorry to hear you have been having so many issues. It sounds like you have a good gp surgery which is a great help.

Perhaps you could also ask for your thyroid to be checked as this is something which has started to get more attention recently.

Besides that maybe you could ask them to talk you through the next steps. I believe it still takes quite a while to get referred to the off clinic so if the gp can explain the process, next steps and timelines to you then that will give you more information for now.

Wishing you all the best xxx


It sounds like you’ve made a really good start with the journey and your GP has been helpful. Your GP will probably look to see whether your blood tests show whether you are ovulating before deciding on next steps. If you aren’t ovulating then they will probably put you on Clomid for a few months which will help you to ovulate. I haven’t been on it but my understanding is that you will have blood tests and/or scans to make sure it’s working. I know a couple of people (including one with severe PCOS and endo) that have been successful after a few rounds of Clomid.

If that doesn’t work then they’ll probably start looking at going down the IVF route. But that could be a little while away so I wouldn’t start worrying about that yet.

One other thought - has your partner’s sperm been tested? Best to do before starting Clomid just to rule out any additional challenges.

Good luck with your journey!


Well done you on the weight loss! The cysts on your ovaries are related to your PCOS. Agree with thyroid check but hopefully your GP has already done it. Most clinics are not allowed to accept patients until they have been trying for a minimum time depending on their age- sometimes a GP will refer a bit earlier because of waiting times.

Have a chat with your GP if they would consider prescribing metformin- this can help with PCOS and regulate periods and sometimes increase your chance of conceiving.

Thanks for the replies!

This board is great. Really feel less alone.

I’ve had thyroid checks before and everything has come back fine.

Just followed up with my docs and the receptionist gave me my blood results which said that I ovulated last month. Obviously I have another blood test for this cycle before I see GP again but that’s good news right?

I thought we’d timed sex pretty well. The GP had said 2-3 times a week on the run up to fertile window and after. Any suggestions regarding that?

I suppose I should really get hubby to get himself checked.

He’s at a different doctors to me. Does he just make an appointment to discuss with them? Or should we give it a few more months?



Good news re ovulation test! The medical guidelines for intercourse is sex every 2-3 days throughout your cycle but lots of people try to have sex the day before they ovulate if they are using ovulation tests at home. But you can end up getting a bit caught up in it and makes it more of a chore than intimacy :)

Your husband should be able to get semen analysis done at his GP- if he smokes, it’s worth quitting and also making sure his alcohol intake isn’t too high. It’s a personal choice when you get it done- ie now or later. Xx

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