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mr macrow is it worth seeing him or going straight to seacroft for ivf treatment

i was under mr macrow at pinders did not see him on many visits was dealt by the nurse who worked along side him. at seacroft in my opinion they was rubbish nobody spoke to me or my partner or gave us any information it was like a cattle market in and out and when your going through something like ivf you should get all the support needed we had to pay for are treatment and it was rubbish. my advice is to ask as many questions as needed with mr macrow andat seacroft or you will find nothing out i got all my info off the internet.

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im commenting on my own as i dont want to sound ungrateful but please no matter who you see ask the questions as i was too quiet and did not ask things when should off also the consultants need to give patients time i was under mr macrow and it all was straight forward but not alot off time is given and seacroft do not give anytime at all dont know if it was because i was a pinderfield patient having it done by satelite.



Unfortunatley it is the same anywhere..

I am a patuent in sheffield pct. I hardly ever saw my consultant and they never tell you what tests are for ir what the results mean.

In truth they have an overburdened work load and they give basic information.

Councilling is always avaliable and its down to patient if they want to access it.

Infertility is on the rise and pressure on nhs and private clincs means less time with the patients.

I understand your frustration but honestly after 7years of trying under a specialist you learn tgat time with a specialist is a precious thing you cant buy.

Abd i agree a goid list of questions is a great idea.. but many times we dont gwt answers.

Good luck for the future.

Saz :)


I disagree slightly i haven't been trying as long as yourselves but the specialist i am seeing is extremely good he is there when required to answer any questions ... also has made time to be there to do my scans on me himself rather than letting someone else do it... so i must be lucky to have him .... no issues so far ....

I hope all works well for you in the future


Hi. I see that you have found some support and comments from others. However, why not have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com and you will see how we can support you further at this time. I wish you well with your treatment once it is all sorted. Regards Diane


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