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Anyone experience sore ovaries with PCOS, post IVF ie whilst not on any stimms?

I have had one full ICSI cycle which was postoned due to mild/moderate OHSS in June and a failed FET in November. I have since been told I have mild PCOS but I still get sore ovaries and not on any drugs. It's like they are still working overtime. Has anyone had this before? I am wondering if I could get my clinic to do a scan to see whats going on, or is it just typical of OHSS? It's like a pulling feeling down to the groin. Any advice welcome, thanks.

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Hi. This could be due to a persistent cyst on your ovary that has failed to settle down since your mild OHSS. As it has been happening for a few months now, it probably would be best to go and get it checked out, in case you should need any treatment for it. Regards Diane


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