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OHSS - The aftermath



I was wondering if anyone here has unfortunately had moderate to severe OHSS? And if so, was there further issues after with your fertility?

I ask because back in August I was hospitalised with OHSS, and I felt so rough, like needing morphine and a drip rough. Since then I get an ache in my tummy (around ovaries) It almost feels like I have done a ton of sit-ups! ( I haven't haha)

Did anyone else get anything like this, months after recovery?


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Sounds like no one here has had this. Maybe the pain is unrelated 🕵

I had moderate OHSS and felt ill from July to end of September. In August I felt like I had a “relapse” and was in as much pain as in the beginning. My clinic scanned me and everything looked like it had gone down etc. They couldn’t really explain it. I’m no expert but OHSS is really full on (and you had it way worse than me) so I guess it would be possible to have pain further down the line... hope u feel better soon! Xxx

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Ps. My FET following OHSS was successful and now have my miracle babe xxx good luck to u! Xxx

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Thank you, I have not had any scans since the OHSS so I think it has had me worried. Perhaps it still the after the impact of OHSS. My first FET after has failed but we trying again next month, so hopefully, all is well. I am considering booking a private scan away from my clinic just to put my mind at ease too.

Sorry to hear you had OHSS too, it is so horrid! And huge congrats on your baby. xx

hi i had severve ohss and was hospitalised for a week...ended up getting drug induced hepititus from all the drugs while i was in there too 🙄

they took me off everything for 3 months because my overies were huge (13 cm each). I was uncomfortable for jus about over a month after hetting out of hosp so maybe you are still recovering??

when do you get cracking again?

I had fet yesterday 🤞🤞🤞

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Oh gosh, I am so sorry to hear this, that is terrible :( Hope you are feeling much better now?

They did a natural FET for me last month, and it was BFN, so wondering if maybe it was too soon. But they seemed ok to continue. Although no one actually checked my ovaries since my hospital stay. They are happy for me to go again right away for tracking ovulation t the moment.

Fingers crossed for your BFP and I hope the transfer went well.

I have never had OHSS so I can’t offer you any advice as such. Perhaps there might be scar tissue on your ovaries or they just haven’t completely recovered since August. That’s fairly recent and it sounds like you were in a pretty bad way at the time. Have you been in touch with your clinic to ask their advice?

I know I used to get quite sharp pain round the time of ovulation in the months immediately after an egg collection had taken place and I only ever had a few eggs. Can’t imagine how much of a battering your ovaries must have taken xx

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I have tried to talk to them but they do not wish to scan me or look into it further, just want to go ahead with another FET. They did say I was probably still a little swollen. Thinking I need to take it into my own hands and maybe book a private scan elsewhere.

Not much has been said to me about the impact of OHSS, other then I would feel better after my first period after. Which I did, as in the bloating went down and the pain decreased but the aches are still there

I really want to just trust my clinic, but at the same time, I know my body and also when I did have OHSS they brushed me off on a couple of calls, until I was taken off in an ambulance. So I am very weary. xx

yes i am feeling great now thanks...think we have all fought our own little battles throughout the ivf journey havent we!

good luck for next time hun xxx

Hello. I had mild OHSS on my first cycle of ivf resulting in a freeze all and then severe OHSS on my second cycle again resulting in them freezing my embryos. I was hospitalised the second time and ended up with a pleural effusion and my chest being drained. Unfortunately I had cardiac and endocrine problems whilst I was in hospital as side effects of the OHSS. It took me months to recover and left me and my husband so traumatised by the whole thing that it took 4 years before I felt emotionally and physically ready to tackle IVF again. On a positive note, we finally had a frozen embryo transfer in May this year and are now almost 27 weeks pregnant. Recovery from severe OHSS takes time, don’t rush but if you feel that something’s not right push for a scan before you start treatment again. Good luck xxx

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I am sorry to hear about your experience. I was quite shocked that the clinic said to do a natural FET soon after the OHSS issues with myself.

I am paying for a private scan, I want to be sure that all is ok after something so serious. The clinic really was dead against scanning me for some reason!

Thanks and congratulations on your BFN! xx

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Thank you. Good luck with everything xxxx


I had mild OHSS and I am now 12 weeks pregnant, (hopefully) my next scan is next week,. I have still had the pains mainly on my right hand side but I’ve had several scans earlier on where they said they were still quite large but as to be expected...I’m still taking metformin for this and come off it tomorrow.

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Sounds like I may be still quite swollen too in this case. Good luck with your scan and congrats! xx

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