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Access to Treatment

Just done an interview on Radio Wiltshire this morning which covered some interesting issues regarding access to treatment including single women accessing treatment in some areas. Just another example of the postcode lottery and difficult for many couples who can't access treatment to hear that women who are not in a relationship are being given NHS treatment in some areas. There will be the usual comments from the public that NHS resources shouldn't be used at all for fertility treatment I am sure - I was asked the usual question about using the NHS for non life threatening conditions. Why is IVF targeted so often? After all we treat so many non life threatening conditioons on the NHS which is meant to provide free health care to all based on clinical need not ability to pay. What do you say when asked these questions?

Access to NHS treatment will be discussed at a workshop at next week's Fertility Show - see fertilityshow.co.uk for more info and do leave your comments here



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