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Access fertility medication costs uk

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I am wondering if anyone who has paid for access fertility programmes can tell me how much the medication costs for each cycle. I assume this will probably be different depending on what medication is used but looking for approximate ideas.

My clinic told me if I have to pay next time round I wouldn’t get the medication on prescription as it is not nhs so would have to pay a lot more for the medication. Has anyone else had this?

So with the cost of the access treatment I am wondering how much more it will cost on top of that for the medication so I can work out of we can afford it or not.

Any help and advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks x

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I’m with access for my first round I did long protocol with menopur 225 and it cost about £950 I believe some drugs are a lot more and it all depends on dosages etc x

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Thank you for replying to me. Can I ask what the difference is between short and long cycles? Do long cycles require more injection?

I was put on short cycles the first with 225 and the second with 450.

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Long include down regulation from day 21 so about 2 weeks before you start stims. I think menopur is one of the cheaper drugs too from what I see here. For a FET cycle drugs have cost £60-200+ dependent upon protocol. Might be worth finding out your protocol and getting quotes for it. My clinic use stork or charge for an external prescription x

Hi I’ve used access fertility for my two rounds and the cost of drugs has been between 1,500-2,000. But it really depends on what protocol you need and your individual situation.

My clinic do list the cost of each drug and a price list so you can calculate this when they give you your planned treatment. But also it can change depending on how stims goes. My biggest expense was gonal -f as I was on a 300 dose . It really is individual though. FET round was about £200 so if you get frozen then it’s a lot cheaper x

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Thank you x

It depends on the drug protocol you are prescribed, but I'd say you could expect drugs to cost between £800 and £1800 for one full IVF cycle, and around £80 to £250 for an FET. Your consultant could probably help to narrow this down based on what he or she plans to prescribe for you.

Thank you x

I have covered this as I get asked this a lot by both friends and patients as I am a pharmacist and am open that I have had infertility treatment. I have had both nhs and private treatment.

Thank you x

Hi with my access I paid £550 for the drugs that was a short protocol, on my first frozen transfer I had to pay for the progynova and progesterone which was about £50 but for this frozen transfer I’m having a natural transfer so it’s cost me nothing this time. Xx

Hi jules... I am on access 3 goes and then 50% refund scheme.. I didn’t know at the beginning exactly how much I would be paying each time for medication and if I did I’m not sure I would of done it. So on top of the £10,075 I paid for 3 goes it’s worked out I have to pay roughly £2500 for medication each cycle!! So another £7500 if you get to third cycle. I do think my clinic is more expensive then most and I am on the highest dose of every medication they can give 🤣. But still it hasn’t turned out as much of a bargain as I first imagined!! Especially considering I only get back around £5,000... maybe different if they offer you the full refund though. Good luck 😊

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