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Confused by doctors conflicting advice

I'm very confused by info I'm reading and what my doctors has told me. My doctors has just told me;

- as I have regular periods I am ovulating?

- fertile window is 3 days before and 5 days after ovulation?

- nhs would mould not treat/ investigate infertility till after I been trying for 18 months ( even though I'm 35 next February)

- private IVF would cost 15-20k per cycle?

I'm very confused please can someone help me?

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I'm not a doctor so my advice is only from a 'patient' perspective (TTC 18 months, gone through initial testing at the infertility clinic).

-you can check if you're ovulating using a home ovulation test kit, but this won't tell you the quality of your eggs or if there are any tubal blockages stopping the eggs/sperm getting together. You need to get GP to refer you to infertility clinic. If you are under 35 thy *normally* won't do this until you've been TTC for 2 years. However, I was referred after 1 year because I was suffering depression because of not being able to get pregnant. Once you are 35 the limit is 1 year (I think).

-I always understood your fertile window was five days before to 24 hours after ovulation. The clinic advised us just to have sex every 2-3 days and we would always have sperm 'where it is needed', but generally the advice I've read has always been have sex leading up to ovulation - the egg only 'survives' for 24 hours, whereas sperm survive for up to 5 days.

-My friend had ICSI and I *think* it cost them 3/4k per cycle and this was the most expensive, but most successful, option. However my memory is awful and it's something I'm trying not to think about it TBH because of scaring myself! The very best of luck to you!


Thank you Flitany


Hi. I think I agree with “Flitany’s” reply to you. I would add that you could always ask your GP to check ovulation with a blood test. You would need to have a “Day 21 progesterone test”. It is done as it says, on Day 21 of your menstrual cycle. The reading should be more than 30. This would then indicate whether you have ovulated that month – might save on the cost of a “kit”. £3-5K per cycle of treatment, depending on chosen clinic – sometimes bit more. I wish you well with it all.

Diane Arnold


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