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One thing after another :(

I'm going through the process of investigations at the moment. My blood showed up fine and my partner a low seman count therefore we got refered to the hospital where I had to undergo a HSG scan, the radiologist was rough and i was left in agony for days and to top it off the results showed that I have a blockage. I was also sent for a transvaginal scan/ultra sound which I dreaded because of the experiance with the HSG and again the results to that are I also have an Ovairian Cyst!! I am now waiting for a laporoscopy which will be to remove the cyst and blockage in my tubes as well as give the doctors a better chance to see if anything else is going on. My partner has since had more seman test which have come back ok. It just seems that every time I sit in the gyneogologist its bad news, its stressful and i'm literally exhausted I can't remember the last time I slept the whole night. Its brought on arguements between my partner and I as it's me with the 'problem' although he's reasurring it hurts to know that i can't give hime the one thing he craves the most.

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Hi There Tink85,

I know it seems to be one thing after another sometimes.

As you can see from my last post, I have been going through it.

We are all very brave people for facing what life throws our way.

Unfortunatley in the world of infertility, news rareley seems positive.

It seems to be always hormone levels, negative tests and problems.

However I promise its not all bad.

And as for the laparoscopy, I had one back in 2008 and it was successful, my tubes have remained open and free of blockages.

Unfortunatley like you I have since had further complications. I do not seem to ovulate regularly enough and even clomiphene could not resolve this. One specialist put this down to my weight and discharged me after 6 years with no options given to me. 7 months later and I lost the weight, and was re referred, I saw an exelant specialist who has reffered us to IVF. This should start in the new year. So once more I have hope.

I have hope for you too, I cant promise an outcome or an easy ride, but my advise is although life seems tough and bleak at times, dont give up.. Keep going and keep that picture in your mind of your completed family.

As for feeling like your letting your partner down, that feeling will subside a little but never go away, in my desperate times I have sobbed at my hubby and told him to leave me for someone who could give him the famly deserved, he replies the same way everytime.... He says he wants to be with me, and even if I were never to get pregnant he would not leave me.. Believe it or not they feel helpless, its not a blame game, your in it together and remember that. Although men are not as emotionally expressive as us, it hurts them too.

Fight for what you want, do anything you can, but most of all do not presure yourself, society will do that enough...

Good Luck and best wishes

Saz-s :)

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Hi tink, sorry you're having such a hard time. Why don't you try and get some counselling? The NHS offers help to anyone with fertility struggles. It helped us in dealing with the worries, restlessness and communication in our relationship and with others. Give it a try!


Hi. So sorry to hear about your infertility problems and the “nasty” HSG you had to endure. I never understand why they can’t just “knock you out” with some sedation during it – I’m sure my ladies never had to suffer so much! Well, at least that is over with! Probably a good thing that you are having a laparoscopy done. This will at least deal with the cyst, just in case you should need any drug treatment which would possibly encourage it to grow more! Also, you could be discharging an egg into this cyst and it is then lost. A lot for you to get anxious about, but remember that you are getting things sorted, and the laparoscopy is under a general anaesthetic, so no pain! Try and remain positive. If you have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com you will be able to see how we can support you further during this time. Remember that you and your partner are in this together. You will have your “down” times, but at least you are working towards a positive outcome.

Diane Arnold


Thanks everyone, just hope the cyst proves to be nothing too serious and that we can carry on with our investigations.

Good luck to you all xx


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