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Radio 2 discussion on pregnancy of friends when you're not able to


Just listening to this. Brilliant discussion which shows that all our feelings are normal - here are two brave souls who are able to go public on infertility.

A really good 24 hrs given the number of news discussions on egg donation too.

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There's still time to listen again


yeah, thought it was nice that people were prepared to say out loud what many are feeling - and so confirm that we are normal!!!


My wife avoids facebook and prefers not to be around our pregnant and child-happy friends. We're just not in "the club". When people show scans at 3 months on FB I really want to shout out..."you stupid b**ch what if you miscarry / or / what about us who can't have a child." I have alot of time for people speaking out on infertility!


I am having a hard time this week with lots of pregnancies announced in only 2 weeks, 2 of which are close family. Have taken myself off Facebook as I couldn't take any more of the happy child posts, babies and pics of pregnancy bumps. I feel rotten for even thinking it and wish everyone every happiness but just so sad that it's not happening to us.

Nice to see a man's perspective on this forum!


Really identifying with everything above. I totally agree about putting pics on facebook - is nothing sacred?! Even if we had not had problems conceiving I would never put a scan picture up for all to see. Firstly because it's private, but also because anything can happen - like miscarriages as you say! Imagine if all your facebook friends knew you were pregnant, you'd then have to 'announce' that you werent! I dont know if I can listen to the programme at the moment but I have total respect for people brave enough to say what we are all feeling. I too try to stay off facebook for those reasons xxxxxxx


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