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My IVF Chances - New On Line Tool for Patients

Almost 50,000 couples go through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment in the UK each year to help them have a child. Not every couple has an equal chance of becoming pregnant when facing fertility treatment, some will have a chance of pregnancy of 50%, while other will have a chance of success less than 5% depending on factors like age and the medical factors that require them to undergo fertility treatment. A free online App has been built to help couples estimate their chances of success and understand if some factors may improve their chances of having a baby.

MyIVFChances app allows a couple to enter personal and medical information about the fertility history. Using data which is maintained by the HFEA (collecting information from all the fertility clinics in the country) the App allows the couples to be compared to the 874,000 couples who have already gone through IVF in the UK. Less than 10 minutes later, the couple receives a 10-page report with a detailed breakdown of their chances of a successful IVF pregnancy. The couples will also be able to see what are the most important factors that are specific to them, and what they can do to maximise their chances of both an IVF or a natural pregnancy.

The app was initially developed by Dr. Chausiaux and colleagues at DuoFertility, the internet-based fertility company, for internal use in counselling patients who were contemplating IVF treatment. They noticed that couples were generally given non-specific advice, at best providing trends on IVF success rates with age.

Taking over a dozen factors into account, this new app works by identifying the group of couples most similar to each couple using the app, and analysing the pregnancy rate of that particular group. The result is a dramatic improvement in the quality of advice that can be provided to would-be patients, and a much more focused understanding of the most appropriate treatment routes open to each individual. However, as with every online tool, there are limitations to the information which can be included, and therefore it does not replace medical advice.

Infertility Network UK has teamed up with MyIVFChances to help make this widely available to patients. You can access the app through ivf-success-rates.com

The use of the app is free, but MyIVFChances have put in place a system whereby users can make a donation to charity, one of which is I N UK so please help us by making a donation when you use this tool.

Sheena Young

Head of Business Development

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