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Response from my MP

Last week, I wrote to my MP about support for fertility treatment in my local area (http://infertility.healthunlocked.com/blogs/29504/Ive-written-to-my-MP)

The response is as follows:

I can, of course, only imagine your distress and disappointment but I sympathise entirely with your situation. I note that XXX PCT is not as generous as others in providing IVF treatment. I do incline to the view that treatment available on the NHS should be equally accessible wherever one lives but, while these decisions are made locally, there will inevitably be some variations. I will continue to follow the debate as it evolves over equality of treatment and will of course very much bear your points in mind.

So, basically, as long as my area doesn't fall too far behind, I'm not going to do anything about it. He's right also that we are stuck with there being national guidance but local discretion, and there isn't an easy way to overcome this.

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I am pleased you got a quick reply, disappointing but he does say that he'll follow the debate. Well done you for writing! If a few more did the same maybe he'd get off the fence?



Think he was sticking to the party line - national guidance, down to local decision, and as he thinks we get something, he'll leave it at that. I guess if lots contacted, then perhaps he would realise the scale of the problem.


Well done for writing and getting a reply FG. I agree, sounds like he is just sticking to the party line. Find it is so very frustrating that MP's won't want to risk 'getting off the fence'. Mind you, glad he replied, I wrote to my MP on another issue relating to my work and the legal aid cuts and he didn't even respond! So I am toying with the idea of writing to him again on both issues, maybe if he realises I wont go away until he responds he will actually take a bit of time to put pen to paper!


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